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Greets once again.  I'm using LTSP on Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS in a chrootless environment and I have one client computer that has an Nvidia Quadro 620, but the colours are wrong.  If I set the displays as sRGB in the settings > device color (somethingorother) then the displays are fine, but the settings don't stay upon reboot.  Is there some sort of
global environment variable that I can throw at all of the clients to either use an sRGB color profile for all and any display that might be connected, or (perhaps this is the issue, the Quadro 620 is 10-bit color per channel) If that's the case, is there some way to force all the clients to use a 24-bit depth color range?  If so, what goes
where?!  Thank you all in advance.
Hi mcgwrath, unfortunately in this case you'll need to research the answer yourself, and AFTER you find it, we can help on how to apply it to all the clients or to a selective client,
e.g. if you see that you need a kernel cmdline parameter, or a xorg.conf snippet to make it work globally, then we can tell you where to put that so that it applies to one or to all clients
You may use a local installation if you wish, to solve the problem without ltsp; then we can tell you how to apply the solution over ltsp
Greetings again alkisg. Sounds good.  Unfortunately I don't have remote access to this one client computer (yet), so I'll have to tinker onsite once I get there.  I'm suspecting that it has to do with a 30-bit (10-bits per RGB channel) vs 8-bit, plus I don't really want to install Nvidia drivers to the main chrootless image as it's just one
client with this configuration, and it really doesn't need anything fancy from the gfx card, just multiple displays....  *So*!  I'll keep you updated.  Many thanks!
I think that even if you do install the nvidia drivers inside the chroot, the other clients will keep working correctly; I think nvidia plays better nowadays..
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