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Hey people. Any idea how many clients will run stably through a 10/100 switch to a LTSP Server?
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hi guys can any one suggest a way of how to reconfigure ltsp to use xdmcp instead of ssh as it used to be. as speed is vital here?
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jamie: LDM_DIRECTX=true will give you the same speed
11:38 the cost of security
alkisg: "lts.conf" ::
You don't need XDMCP, ldm gives the same speed (plain remote X) and it even uses ssh for authentication, so it's a little safer.
do i put that in ldm .conf?
i lts.conf i see. Does this disable encryption? As thats what probably what slows it down.
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i know its not completely ltsp related, but any suggestions on backing up my ubuntu ltsp server? to an usb hard drive or something
<alkisg> ==> and lots lots of subpages there for different methods
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hey. anybody have a problem with ubuntu failing to start up after restart? once i flip the ac switch on the back of the server and reboot, it loads without problems. I am asuming its a chipset issue, but this is my second time installing ubuntu on this system this week, and i didnt have the problem before now, which makes me wornder if something went wrong with the hard drive format, or grub install
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hey, is anyone here?
I wanted to know, would having a dhcp router serving addresses on the same switch as my ltsp server, for standalone systems, would cause any boot problem for the pxe client systems?
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anyone here??
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i was wondering if anyone can help me with my ltsp setup?
thanks for the help cunts
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hi there, anybody familiar with fat client local printer
it seems that my fat client could not start cups, permission denied
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