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I am very close to PXE booting against a rockpro64 with ltsp, but I am wondering if I need to tell the ltsp server that this is an arm image
I have an armbian iamge with the ltsp package and recommends, and I ran the usual ltsp image and such
With the one caviat of specifying the rockpro64.img in the lts.conf file
cat /etc/ltsp/ltsp.conf
Is there anything that I need to do other than what's in the instructions?
For the image, I pretty much just dd's the image from the sdcard to an img file on the ltsp server, then ran `ltsp img rockpro64` after symlinking, then `ltsp pxe` `ltsp nfs` and `ltsp initrd`
Actually it kinda looks like this firmware doesn't like proxymode
my tftp server isn't .1 its another address
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04:28* alkisg hasn't tried pxebooting his rockpro64 yet
I think uboot has a "pxelinux compatibility mode" but not true pxe, but I've never actually netboot with uboot, so no idea really
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alkisg: Strange issue. We have one lab with Nvidia RTX 3060 GPUs. When initially boot LTSP on these, its not using the proper NV driver as only one display gets used and not at the correct res. If I login and log out again (under lightdm) it fixes the display and activates the nvidia driver!?
We have a lab with older NV cards and it doesn't do this - both screen are active after boot without having to log in and out
Its as if it doesn't finish loading the driver until lightdm gets reloaded. We're using the latest driver in the 20.04 repos -nvidia-driver-495
Has anyone else reported (and fixed) this?
OK I've found this which will hopefully fix it:
alkisg: I've got an ltsp specific issue too. I'm getting "cannot find name for group id 1001" on the clients. I have created this group on both the LTSP server and in the client image but the group is missing from the cient image
It needs to exist to create home dirs with sudo
I supposeI could change that but I want to get rid of theerror as I think its causing login problems
alkisg: My groups problem is no doubt another pwmerge issue
alkisg: After I run `ltsp image` i cannot see my group listed in the list of groups at the end
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That xorg.conf hasn't fixed it
I'm trying blacklist nouveau now but I doubt that will fix it becauseI checked lsmod after booting andit wasn't loading nouveau
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