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Hello Good Saturday for all
I would like to share you little video from LTSP Lab here. I think a complete video (before and after) about this. Was hard work to start. I would Like to thanks Mr. alkisg for patience, help, attention and all:
Douglas, that's great!! If you want you may also showcase it in
ahh right. If you agree maybe i can write the steps on wiki
Of course; people do want to hear about success stories and their how-tos
We have many such success stories here in Greece (e.g.Προχωρημένα/Χάρτης) but we mostly discuss about them in Greek sites...
Here I work at city hall. I did show the project for some people. First the scholl and other sector from health people think implant there.
alkisg:Do you never think about do a Telegram LTSP Channel?
Douglas Giovani Oechsler: we have a matrix and an irc channel; I think that's enough :D
But if you want to create a telegram channel and bridge it to irc, I wouldn't mind
Some people also asked for discord and facebook, but personally I can't be everywhere; if people want to use other channels, of course they may
If they can be bridged to irc or matrix, I'll even answer from there...
right! I talk about telegram because it is easy to post videos and screenshot, photos when need to show you. Here many people use Telegram and whatsapp stay addiction. Nobody use phone to talk. All is voice message, video calls, or whatsapp voice call (I hate whatsapp voice call. Its not good)
Douglas Giovani Oechsler: you can paste videos and screenshots to matrix as well;
The client (telegram, whatsapp, messenger, skype etc) usage is very different per country; e.g. noone I know here uses whatsapp; most use messenger and viber
The telegram to irc integration is not as good as the matrix to irc one
And having irc is important for people that want to get quick support without creating an account
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