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greetings. I'm using Hardy with LTSP 5.0.40. I have a client with an Nvidia graphics card, for which I would like to use the proprietary driver. So I've chrooted into the client environment and tried to install the necessaries, but linux-restricted-modules is only available for kernel 2.6.24-16, not 2.6.24-18, which is the one I require. I do an apt-get update, but the package is still not available. what am I missing?
ok, fixed that issue, I didn't have the necessaries in /etc/apt/sources.list
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I tell a lie, it still isn't there. See here:
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hi there, i'm having a small problem booting with pxe, i have a ubuntu ltsp server, which works great, clients can boot and all, but i need to use a dhcp server that is not running in the ltsp server, when i switch to this dhcp server clients can't boot, config is the same as the one in the ltsp but with the next-server option which has the ip address of the ltsp server. Clients can get the ip from the dhcp but when they try to connect to the tftp errors arise
the error are different on each client, since they have different nics, and my logs don't say much all i'm getting is 'in.tftpd[6822]: tftp: client does not accept options'. Tried google the error but it appears to be a "normal" warning for various situations. Any idea what this could be ?
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Could I use LTSP to turn a 1987 IBM PC into a thin client, or am I crazy?
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Is it possible to setup LTSP on an 80286?
why would you want to do that?
Make a thin client out of it
not as a server
well.. short answer: no
linux doesn't run on 80286 CPUs unless you use a special kernel
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