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help , i have aproblem i dont understand. I have screen_02 = shell and screen_07= ldm in my lts.conf. When I boot the cleint i just get the background image for the login , no box to enetr username and no "ubunut" name. if I login via shell on alt+1 and type startx then i get the login box and i can login no problems , what could be the problem ?
do you see everything else but the box?
might be offscreen
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hi everybody! one question: every time an LTSP client boots, there's a new nbd-server process running in the LTSP server. those processes never dies, i.e. they stay running in the server indefinitely. is that normal? is there a way to die the unnecessary processes? thanks in advance!
They usually die 2 hours after the client disconnects
alkisg: oh, great, thank you very much for the info, i didn't knew
np - you can adjust the timeout if you really want to, but I don't think it's necessary..
alkisg: is there a param inside nbd-server configuration to do so?
(although there's no really necessary, as you said)
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No, I think it's an inetd param, but I don't remember out of my head where it's specified... maybe in hosts.allow?
Anyway, time for bed, g'night all
thank you very much again!
btw, i've a bigger problem....
my LTSP clients doesn't auto-configure its broadcast address...
they always ends up with a broadcast addr
however, if I then log into root (after enabling it) and do "dhclient3 eth0", then the broadcast address is well applied
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can I run a mixed client environment of 32 and 64 bit architectures with ltsp?
nevermind, the documentation just answered it for me :)
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while the documentation is exciting me while I read it. I'm wondering if LTSP allows one to see which computer a certain user is logged into? I ask because we have voip phones and the user's extenstion on the pbx system needs to follow them to the right desk. This will allow us to do desk swapping etc. Is this somehow possible with LTSP/
there are some ways to ensure that, yes.
though perhaps not trivial... depends on what exactly you need.
well the docs say that ldm can run rc scripts. This may work. ie, on login write the user name and the host name in a csv, when I can then parse for the pbx
Although theoretical, I haven't tried anything with ltsp yet
anybody knows where and when an LTSP client configures its network parameters via DHCP?
My LTSP clients are unable to get their broadcast address from the server (they get as broadcast addr)
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Is there a document somewhere where I can follow how to setup a hook/install for different client architectures? such as i386/amd64? The documentation seems unclear in this case.
and is there a tool out there that allows big brother functionality? such as monitoring clients (what's on their screen)?
though... i know vnc exists, it's somewhat heavy... wondering if there something more specific to ltsp
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nutron: are you running amd64 thin clients? in general, the client just logs into the server, so generally it's all done with i386 for the clients, even if the server is amd64.
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does anyone know of a good how-to guide to help me install an LTSP server running Ubuntu 10.4 with one nic card... and not running as the DHCP server?
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