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enaut[m]: I think as a first step, you could maintain ltsp-manager elsewhere, and then if you keep maintaining it for the next lts ubuntu version, I should give you access to its upstream repositories etc
Thanks for the progressdialog, I'm not seeing the freeze here, maybe we've fixed it locally in our sch-scripts 18.04 version
enaut[m]: feel free to update the wiki with whatever you deem appropriate
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alkisg: ok I'll create a ppa then and update the wiki akkordingly.
@anyone... who is up for mentoring me/testing the ltsp package? A second pair of eyes would be very welcome...
*ltsp-manager package...
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alkisg, any update on funding for ltsp? Will it be updated for ubuntu 18.04?
JuJUBee: it's already updated :)
(in the greek schools ppa)
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and it's working great \o/
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