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alguem aqui ja configurou o LTSP para ler os drivers locais da Estacao, tipo HD e Driver de DVD???
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Hi, I'm trying to make ltsp run on a thin client. The main problem is that I don't know how rfc-complaint the network bootloader is for this thin client (it is in reallity a Set Top Box). I already succeed in makeing ltsp 4.2 running on it. The problem is I need a 2.6 kernel to be able to run X (it is running a Geode ). So I installed LTSP 5 on debian and run ltsp-build-client. The problem is that during boot the thin client is not mounting
I know this because I'm monitoring network traffic. The last thing it does is searching for lts.conf via TFTP. So on my thin client I see lots of not foud and the a "No init fournd. Try passing init= bootarg". The dhcp is sending:
rootpath: /opt/ltsp/i386
both correct. I don't really know why it is not mounting NFS. Any idea? (NFS is running fine)
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I'm runnign lenny on both client and server
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what is the right syntax to create the network boot image (nbi?). If I try
mkelf-linux -output=test.img vmlinuz initrd
the image I get isn't the same that I already have in the system (debian lenny). I know this because when the thin client boots up it resets after some initial loading. While with the image that comes under /boot I don't have this problem.
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