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Hi. We recently set up two ltsp servers on different locations with an image of linux mint 21.1. The users need to connect to a windows server via remmina. We have 4 access accounts to this windows server but more users on the ltsp. Now when ltsp-user1 has once logged himself on the windows machine with "windows user1", this specific windows user is not able to establish a connection for ltsp-user2, even though ltsp-user1 successsfully logged
out of the rdp session to the windows server as windows user1.
I'm a bit lost now as the connection to the windows machine is part of our productivity setup (and it is not possible to buy as many windows user accounts as there are ltsp user accounts.
I can send a log of remmina, but for me it didn't read out anything special.
This issue sounds related to remmina, not to ltsp; I think you should ask in their channels (or the distro channels) instead
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I will do so. But on a stand alone linux installation I can run all four windows-profiles without any issues one after another and over again...
ltsp-user1 logs in, connects as windows-user1, then logs out windows, logs out ltsp. Then ltsp-user1 logs in again. Can they connect as windows-user2 now?
I can't tell, What I can tell, is that ltsp-user2 is not able to log in as windows-user1.
Try it
<alkisg> "ltsp-user1 logs in, connects..." <- this works
While if they don't log out / log in, it fails? (connecting as windows-user2)
Try to see which combinations work and which not, from the same user account, with or without re-login, or even if some of them need a full reboot to work. I'll be back in a couple of hours though....
One thing that comes to mind, that is different in ltsp than usually, is sshfs, but I can't really see how that would affect things after windows log off...
I compared the debug logs and the connections are the same until this readout (DEBUG) - (rco_on_disconnect) - Disconnect signal received on RemminaProtocolWidget
(DEBUG) - (rco_on_disconnect) - Disconnect signal received on RemminaProtocolWidget... (full message at <>)
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