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If you give me your new public key I can probably configure it in your ssh account there.
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Hyperbyte: thanks, I had used the key there; I was able to log in, I'll put my "new" on there
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alkisg, good to hear.
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How can I set up two different fat images? I deployed one with no problems. Then I made another one with ( ltsp-build-client --chroot image2 ; ltsp-update-kernels ) and managed to create the PXE boot menu tweaking /etc/dnsmasq.d/ltsp-server-dnsmasq.conf. When I choose from the menu the amd64 it works well but with the image2 the boot falls to
busybox saying that it "gave up waiting for root file system)
You need nbdroot= in the kernel command line. Or, a different ROOTPATH.
nbdroot= in the ltsp-server-dnsmasq.conf file? Or on some file inside /opt/ltsp/image2/boot/ ?
in pxelinux.cfg/default
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mads2: example: APPEND ro forcepae init=/sbin/init-ltsp root=/dev/nbd0 nbdroot=
I'm going to my lab try it now and will report here if it worked.
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@alkisg Your solution worked!! Now I'm able to choose from the Pxe menu which image I wanna boot. I'll document it and post somewhere (ubuntu forum, maybe) Thank you
you should also be able to set up an extlinux thing which detects which type of client and selects the right entries from a menu
but it may require manually configuring a menu
using ifcpu64 detection
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