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<alkisg> ==> I think it'll be best to disable flow control on all NICs by default, and enable NAT on the subnet, so that both of these issues are solved by default for LTSP installations
...anyone thinks that this is a bad idea?
Don't you run the risk of buffer overflows on smaller switches? Isn't the flow control there to project these switches from having to drop packets?
If you're asking about my setups directly, I'm pretty sure my managed HP ProCurve won't care. Nor will the Cisco ones. I don't use others for LTSP.
LTSP is using TCP traffic, so rate limiting will be done at the IP level, not at the ethernet level
I do not know if AoE would be affected positively or negatively or non at all
I also don't know of any other big non-IP based traffic and how that would be affected; but I think IP traffic will only be 10 times faster
Plus, the managed switches that I have, have flow control disabled by default.. yours?
Probably. Don't know off the top of my head.
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flow control is disabled by default on my cisco sg300s... same with my netgear gs7
And I think users will want automatic ip masquerading; how else would the fat clients be able to access the internet...
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for dual nic setup?
most definitely
anyone who wants a dual nic setup, but not have NAT, would probably know how to configure everything anyways ;)
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