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is it possible to set in lts.conf a blacklist module by client mac address?
Uzzi, I haven't a clue but it sounds like a excellent feature idea if it isn't
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If i dont want to load a module for all clients i've edit /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, It's right?
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Uzzi: Yes that's correct, but you'll have to do a ltsp-update-image afterwards
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biomorph_, I've use nfs1 i've ltsp-update-image too?
Sorry - if you are using NFS I think there is no need for the update image.
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ok biomorph_
I've a client that doesn't load ldm, in /var/log/syslog no problems
Is this a system that has broken, or a brand new system?
black screen
Has it ever worked?
Other client works fine
this client never. The server witho other client works fine
only with this Compaq armada 110 client doesn't work
Ah..... in /opt/ltsp/i386/boot/pxelinux.cfg/default take out quiet and splash. You will get more information when you boot.
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the same result black screen
ldm not started
biomorph_, shouldn't that be changed in the tftpboot directory, rather than in the ltsp chroot?
if you want to blacklist a module that gets loaded in the initramfs you need to recreate the initrd
(after adding the blacklist file entry)
and run ltsp-update-kernels
and yes, you need to do all edits in the tftp dir
Hyperbyte: Sorry...... Of course it should be.
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Aika huolellisesti kuormittaa prossua tuo mencoder
Sorry, wrong chan.
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alkisg: "xauthority" :: to access the client X session from a local root shell, try: eval $(tr '\0' '\n' < /proc/$(pidof -s ldm gdm-simple-greeter gnome-session | cut -d' ' -f1)/environ | egrep '^DISPLAY=|^XAUTHORITY=') && export DISPLAY XAUTHORITY
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dear all, I am using debian lenny with ltsp 5.1 , i have an error that says connect: Connection refused after booting the kernel, please help, thanks
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10:15* alkisg failed to run vbox inside an LTSP thin client, and then again from ssh -X (X crashed in both cases). But vbox ran successfully from within X -query! Go figure... :(
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alkisg: yeah, I have seen similar issues with Xephyr
prolly related
I wonder what magic X -query does...
Ah Gadi btw did you see the bug report about asoundconf? It looks like it's unmaintained and no longer available...
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alkisg: yeah, I think it is not needed anymore
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I have a client with two onboard NICs that is able to PXE to my server. When I add a third NIC (fiber card) and reboot, I get the following error "failed to read dhcp lease file"
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i have tried to enable/disable onboard NICs, but i am still not able to get the client to boot.
the client does its PXE routing and downloads the image (like normal). then the OS starts to boot (K12 is what i am using). then the "failed to read dhcp lease file" pops up and i cannot log into the client.
does the OS swap the ethX designation from what the PXE thought it was?
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consorting with the Apple Certified Mac Tech..guess it is a living
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good evening ltsp-ers
I just installed the ubuntu 10.4 with the ltsp server option into a box with two nics.
I can connect to the internet (I'm typing this from the server)
I've got a laptop as a client connected to the other nic via a switch.
But the laptop isn't getting an IP from the server's dhcp server, let alone getting a kernel et al.
Looking at /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf, I don't see anything indicating which nic the dhcp server should be listening on
Could this be the source of my problem?
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Faithful: hey man
mistik1: crikey, you still here too!
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