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anyone here versed in lightdm-webkit-greeter? I know there was some talk of it a few weeks ago
what are you looking for?
I need to get around the same-origin policy so that I can ask a central server for account information
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sbalneav was working on this
I see
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hi alkisg, I've a problem in remote assistence ssh, the listen part. I do "xterm -e socat tcp-listen:5500,keepalive=1 stdio,raw,echo=0" but I've a xwindow open with "can't exect socat, file or dir not existent" (I'm translating from italian), any tip?
alkisg: solved, my foult, socat was not installed!
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maldridge: What is it you'd like to know?
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sbalneav: I need to be able to contact a remote server for additional session informatino from the greeter. I'm getting stopped by the same-origin policy
OK, hold on, one sec
I assume you're getting the additional session information via a web call, yes?
On the server you're contacting from the greeter's javascript, you'll need to enable headers. a2enmod headers
Then you'll need to add:
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"
To the apache server's config file
maldridge: That what you're looking for?
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sbalneav: my appologies for the slow reply, yes I think that's what I need
to be sure I can do this in a virtualhost, right?
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