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<quinox> "You can boot straight into an..." <- how can i set rdp for windows client whether in /etc/ltsp/ltsp.conf or in other config file ser thank
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Hdi TikTik: the command to install xrdp is `sudo apt install xrdp`. It's not related to LTSP at all. It allows any RDP client to connect to your server.
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alkisg: My Ltsp client not logging , error user does not exit . i migrated user and thier directories from ltsp ubuntu 16.04. what can be the problem
Did you run ltsp initrd?
After adding users, you need to run ltsp initrd and reboot the clients
alkisg: Thank for the response. i see the user now . problem its fail to start session , i thnk its a desktop issue . will sort that
<alkisg> "Hdi TikTik: the command to..." <- Is there anything else that needs to be configured, sir?
No, xrdp works out of the box. Are you sure that's the one you want? You want your windows standalone clients to access linux programs in your ltsp server?
I thought you wanted the opposite, to have windows server and linux clients
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