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Hello everyone, how do I fire up LDM from console? I am using Ubuntu. There is no GNOME with this install. It's all BlackBox Window Manager and LDM.
ravigehlot: what do you mean, from console? what are you trying to accomplish?
I would like to use LDM instead of GDM
that's all
for local login?
just for local
I know that LDM can be used for a lot more than just local login
But, for now, that would be the only use for it.
vagrantc: BRB
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ravigehlot: it doesn't make much sense to use LDM for local logins.
12:56* mistik1 done coding for the day
ravigehlot: or rather, it doesn't really support local logins
hey vagrantc ltns
you might be able to hack something together using the LTSP_FATCLIENT hooks ... but that'd be pretty ugly, and it's unclear why you would want to
12:57* vagrantc waves to mistik1
so I guess I have to install gnome session in order to have GDM
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Hello all
I have a thin client from which has a flash card in it with a Linux OS and X server and everything already. I had been using it with a remote server with FreeNX. But FreeNX proved to be a pain in the butt. So I want to try going straight X terminal with a local server. LTSP seems overcomplicated/overkill for what I need. Isn't there some way I can just start a display manager on the local server and invoke the X server on my th
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