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I want my ltsp client image to boot in perticular vlan . should i make changes in /etc/dnsmasq.conf ? my client computers are connected to separate switch and ltsp server computer is connected some another switch .
system_analyst: the "initramfs-tools" package is the one that brings up networking; you can check about its vlan support in `man initramfs.conf` and in its code:
LTSP doesn't care about VLANs, it'll use whatever you configure in initramfs-tools
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Hello, I recently got a serious issue with my LTSP server. I've done two things since it last worked.installing timeshift and
1. Installed timeshift and 2. Added fstab mounting for /srv/. Now the server won't launch and there seems to be some issue with the Linux kernel
LTSP isn't involved in the boot process of the server, so any troubleshooting can be done without mentioning "LTSP"
E.g. if the OS is Ubuntu, you may go to #ubuntu and say "I installed timeshift and now the server won't start", and ask for help from there
I get the issue. Failed to start default target: Transaction for graphical/start is destructive
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I'm wondering if I've caused the issue when I added /srv/ mounting as an fstab config in ltsp.config
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Johoo14: no, ltsp.conf isn't used while the server boots. It's only used while the clients boot.
Aha okey
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I've reset my settings now so that I can boot again. Can I ask you alkisg, how can I easily make, e.g., YouTube videos available to all users on all clients?
I tried putting them in /srv/ but I noticed it's not mounted on clients. Even though I wrote the line 'FSTAB_01="server:/srv /mnt nfs defaults,nolock 0 0"'
I wrote that under [clients]
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The clients have the line in their fstab file
In /mnt on clients I only find tftp and ltsp folders. Can't seem to find my other folders
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Make sure you export it in your server nfs settings; ltsp doesn't automate that part
I'm afk currently, will be online in 5 hours
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