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Wow... Ubuntu won't boot with 64 MB RAM, but Debian will boot with 48... damn plymouth bloating the initramfs!
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alkisg, kill it. ;)
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i really like the stackexchange idea, but it seems to require javascript to be useful ... :(
18:25* alkisg read recently that the developers of one of the common linux browsers decided that they won't have an UI option to disable javascript anymore, but can't remember which one was it... epiphany?
vagrantc: in debian, the LDM "user name:" box is too small for the greek translation, while in ubuntu it fits nicely...
18:26* alkisg checks where the diff is...
Ah, and btw: (10:43:00 πμ) alkisg: Wow... Ubuntu won't boot with 64 MB RAM, but Debian will boot with 48... damn plymouth bloating the initramfs!
18:30* gvy . o O ( 16! )
gvy: do you have a chroot handy somewhere that I could clone and test?
Or, some other easy way to get it, e.g. some live dvd with a premade chroot..
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alkisg, not handy but I can prepare one, lemme see...
gvy: cool, if it can really boot with 16mb ram and uses some recent ltsp version, I'd love to ship it in greek schools that only have thin clients and no fats at all...
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a relatively easy way is
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alkisg, it's partially ltsp4, partially ltsp5 as I've described in ML back in 2007 or 2008
Ah... I'm wondering if it'll work with an Ubuntu 12.04 LTSP server then
you might remember some not-even-mild ubuntu-related trolling and the proposition for the switches between thin client rootfs transport (e.g. NBD/NFS) and application transport (e.g. ssh/X11)
Nah, I might have not been subscribed to the ML back then even
not sure, seems that at least XKB was ill-tweaked since
I was just starting to play with linux and ltsp at that time
at least I did have kbd layout troubles while trying to use 4.0 chroot against 5.1 server
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Are you using xvesa?
Or xorg?
alkisg, if you're feeling brave you can try and borrow a kernel from there but it was 2.6.22 thus definitely lacking KMS
another part was ramzswap
but generally it wasn't actively used
(and not used @16M at all)
Ubuntu also used compcache/ramzswap, but I didn't like the fact that it ate 25% of the available RAM, I preferred NBD_SWAP instead
you're better off ramzswapping with NBD as a backing device
so the traffic is compressed
(that's how that was autosetup in the image linked to above)
No no, my tests showed that ram compression is very bad for ltsp when nbd swapping is available
Anyways... so, there's no recent ltsp version that boots with 16 MB RAM, right?
(and/or kernel...)
18:57* vagrantc wonders if ramzswap changed configuration name in recent versions
it did at least once, so not sure by now :)
was compcache back then
ramzswap/zramswap laters
alkisg, rather no afaik
LTSP 4 used to work with 16 mb ram, but I'm afraid about the maintenance overhead of deploying such a solution
vagrantc: do you have a diff in debian for greeter.c?
alkisg: no
Hmmm... the Userprompt is shorter there... :-/
probably a diff in a depending library?
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far as i can tell, ramzswap was removed from recent linux versions
(or never made it out of staging)
ah, it's called zram now
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 17K Ιούλ 23 08:58 /opt/ltsp/wheezy/lib/modules/3.2.0-3-486/kernel/drivers/staging/zram/zram.ko
Ah, the problem might be the smaller logo
Indeed, I tried the Ubuntu logo and the username label was wider now
/opt/ltsp/thin/usr/share/ldm/themes/ubuntu/logo.png: PNG image data, 400 x 122, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced
/opt/ltsp/wheezy/usr/share/ldm/themes/joy/logo.png: PNG image data, 80 x 115, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced
highvoltage: ^^
highvoltage: at least we could add some transparent border in joy/logo.png so that it's wider but displays the same
probably triggering
alkisg: does it cause the problem with the "ltsp" theme?
Let me check... LDM_THEME=ltsp ?
alkisg: and if so, could you report on the above mentioned bug
maybe try to reproduce it in german?
vagrantc: sure, and I can also add a fixed logo.png if you want
Err german would be a bit difficult, I'd have to backup my chroot etc as I don't have it in a VM that would support snapshots
that's fine, if you're fairly sure it's the same problem for greek
i can try and test it on the original case.
We should also ask Phantomas to try to fix the 16bpp background dithering issue :D
With the LTSP theme, "Όνομα χρήστη" displays completely, but "Κωδικός πρόσβασης" (Password) is cut at the last character
Maybe, I can take a look :)
19:18* alkisg tries resizing the joy logo.png to 400x115....
vagrantc: this one fixes the problem:
I think that you can just commit that one and close the bug
Phantomas: source code:
2 things:
1) If the debian logo is small, the "Όνομα χρήστη" label gets cut and displays "Όνομα χρήσ"
Maybe some wrong gtk hbox options there
2) As you can see, the dithering is awful in 16 bpp, it should display way better than that
yes, it is obviously a wrong packaging of the widgets there
It seems like they put the logo and the label in a VBox and this VBox inside a HBox along with the entry
when it should be: A VBox containing the logo and a HBox (which would contain the label and the entry)
The logo there now is actually 400 pixels wide, but it's transparent and it doesn't show it
or just set the Fill option to True...
Right that might be it
but, let me check the source code :P
patches, especially if non-intrusive, would be wonderful.
line 824: gtk_box_pack_start(GTK_BOX(EntryBox), UserPrompt, FALSE, FALSE, 0);
I think gtk_box_pack_start(GTK_BOX(EntryBox), UserPrompt, TRUE, FALSE, 0); would fix it
alkisg: can you try it?
Phantomas: sure, in 15' ...
i gotta run soonish, but if either of you could follow up on the bug mentioned above, that would be great.
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bye bye!
alkisg: but keep in mind that a really big string in the label would make the entry disappear
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hi alkisg :) hi Phantomas (have to go, maybe see you later)
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btw line 135 is duplicate of 132
alkisg: ↑
ok, I'll try to have a look tomorrow
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