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I have a question. My ltsp setup was working just fine, but today when i boot my clients am getting "PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout", and on others "NBP filesize is 0 Bytes" "PXE-E18: server response timeout", can someone help please?
I have looked at the status of dnsmasq, it hands ot the ips but it stopes at DHCP(Ack), then the client requests again and it fails to boot.
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eu^ip-209-124-24: so none of the client works? Can you send a screenshot of the client?
Hello there, long time not been here. I still use LTSP for years now. Time goes fast. Have you ever consider boot kernels and initrd via http ? It boost client boot time. Full boot : 2m02s with tftp vs 1m17s with http.
Hi yopla , that requires one line in dnsmasq; the user can put that in a local.conf file
OK, thought it was ltsp.ipxe role. Which line should I use then ?
It's listed in the "boot via http" discussion or issue or pull request, please have a look at github
It's certainly also doable via ltsp.ipxe, but if your bios supports it, you can completely avoid tftp
I've been postponing the tasks that require an http server for the case when I have plenty of free time and decide to implement a custom http server that would dynamically create/fetch all the required stuff, from ltsp.ipxe to kernel/initrd to ltsp.conf
OK thank you ! I'll have a look in discussions
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<eu^ip-209-124-24> "I have looked at the status of..." <- Could there be another DHCP server in your network or router? It sounds like the clients are getting a DHCP offer from another address, perhaps some old router/switch was plugged somewhere
Is it normal for ltsp clients to request twice ?
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Yes, once for ipxe and once by ipconfig or dhclient
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Thanks, so before the kernel it should not request twice ;) assuming the link stays up. Btw I have never seen the pxe recover If the link goed down... was there in ipxe something like ipv4 link down start over loop?
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No idea, I haven't tested with link up/down events while ipxe loads the kernel, it's just for a few seconds anyway...
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Neither do I have. It's some other issue then pxe boot If The link shut downs. Just thinking because i recently setup a bridge to laptop with netplan. when The bridge link interface goes down/up The address renew work quite fast
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Hey, i lost my chat of the problem abot TFTP TIMEOUT and server response timeout. How do i send a screenshot here
I configured the netplan bridge with link-local and rendering in NetworkManager. I
this channel has Matrix clients users and IRC users. And then there's discussions open on github page
I need to go now, I hope you find out the issue tomorrow.
eu^ip-209-124-24: you're now connected over IRC, so one way is to use a site:
I do not know about 'photo', but I do know about these similar topics: 'paste'
screenshot: to upload a screenshot use a site like or and then paste the URL here
eu^ip-209-124-24: while if you connect over the matrix protocol, you can copy/paste images directly, see
I have uploaded a photo
eu^ip-209-124-24: what's the output of: ls -l /srv/tftp/ltsp | nc 9999
Also send the output of this one: ( journalctl -b -u dnsmasq -n 300; ip a ) | nc 9999
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The first for the first command and the second for the second respectively
I have uploaded the screenshots, sorry for the delay.
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alkisg have you seen the output?
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eu^ip-209-124-24: you're using dnsmasq wrong, you have two dhcp servers on the same network
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Your main dhcp server gave .172 to the client, but dnsmasq is configured to give IPs up to .169
Run this to reset the dnsmasq settings: sudo ltsp dnsmasq
This will use the "proxydhcp" method in your main network, so that the main dhcp server gives the IPs, and dnsmasq gives the boot filename
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Alright thanks! I am trying that now.
alkisg, you said am using dnsmasq wrong, which is the other dhcp server?
alkisg i dont want it to use a proxydhcp so i have disabled that. I have given the dnsmasq a range of the ip i want, and restarted it but the same thing happens. sending a screenshot shortly.
alkisg I gave it the ip range i wanted but when i run the comads you sent above i get this, which is not making sense to me.
I have changes the dhcp range in the this file /etc/dnsmasq.d/ltsp-dnsmasq.conf but when i run the command above the ip range does not coresspond to what i have just given it.
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