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Goodday ,who has come cross this error. its start building but fails giving an error massage (disk has inserted )
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Check your ltsp.conf for errors
alkisg: as expected, lts2004-desktop based ltsp server + "ltsp image /" works out of the box
what is the usual procedure to add a package on a booted ltsp client? ie I want to add, I assume wrongly that I just neede to apt install from the ltsp server and it would magically appear on the client. I also tried to apt instll from the client without success.
You apt install it to the server and then run ltsp image
ok, I will boot my toy system and try :P
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ltsp image: done, but the client is not seeing the newly installed package on the server, I assume that I also need to reboot the client
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you can apt-install on a running client to get packages to show up, it all disappears on shutdown in that case
I give all my users the root password to apt-install, then they can test stuff and tell me what to install on the server later
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quinox: that is what I was expecting (being able to install on some kind of tmpfs overlay) on the "live" desktop/ltsp client
that is exactly what I have been doing on compute/diskless warewulf nodes, I am trying to do the same kind of tricks on ltsp for a classroom
rebooting the client for installing a package is annoying, imho
it's fine if it is side installed on a NFS read-only mount point, but clumsy if I need something from the distrib.
oh, 1 trick: you need to run `apt update` first
since LTSP deletes the apt cache inside the client image to save space
so to install new software to test: `sudo -i; apt update; apt install <my-package>; exit; my-package`
Is warewulf similar to LTSP? I haven't heard about it before...
alkisg: it was design a long time ago for HPC purpose, head node diskfull, compute node pxe and diskless mostly with infiniband and ethernet
it is not geared for classroom at all, ie GUI, or fancy epoptes to broadcast screen, lock users ...
warewulf is the framework used on to deploy the cluster nodes
lstp is the only tool that I am aware of that is teacher friendly (and not only geek/IT tuned)
I am just reluctant on the ubuntu dependancy, that why I will try to learn to only use debian, once I am fluent enough!
next stage is having ldap/freeipa as authentification method and then nfsv4 for shared HOME
or having /home on the local storage and eveything else LTSP managed to avoid network overloaded (ie designated user <-> desktop for the class duration),
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