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anybody know what is up with
"This Workstation isn't authorized to connect to server"
at login
told server to # sudo ltsp-update-sshkeys
and # sudo ltsp-update-image
indicated by hit on that error phrase at Ubuntu ( even though I had not Changed IP [usual reason we have to re-do sshkeys] )
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Hi, I'm using LTSP 4.2 packaged for Debian Etch, and while everything seems to be working (my diskless client is PXE booting, loading up X etc.), the client hangs about 50% of the time while loading X or starting a new X session. How can I diagnose this problem?
a solved entry sez if login fails with "This Workstation isn't authorized to connect to server" we might re-do ssh-keys (and another step)
that has not improved problem, here
any suggestions ?
PerfDave: memory problem on the client ?
ace_suares: I'll double-check, but it didn't have any issues before I started using it as a thin client.
couple of suggns for PerfDave while i wait for response . . . . . check network cables and switches and routers have no transformers "nearby" ( < 1ft )
try a ramtest on station ram
Nope, I've got another non-LTSP client running XDMCP through the same switch to the server without issues.
50% of the time "hanging" is tough . . intermittent
by "nope" I suppose you mean none of the cables run near fluorescent ballasts or other EMI or RFI interference, also
Jade1: The cables run across my living room floor.
08:23* PerfDave fires up memtest86+ on the client
memtest and close cousin memtest+ are pretty good as long as you let it cycle fully twice with NO errors
use proper cleaners (and static safe handling) on ram and ram sockets, and memtest will sometimes go happy on the same set it was cranky on
Yeah, I know. Looks like my laptop's going to be out of commission for today then.
ooh . . . that long . . . maybe before you commit all that time . .. Do you have electronic cleaner spray or bottle ?
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Quick question: Where do I find the tftpd config?
which options?
in /etc/inetd.conf
the option that speciies the path is in /etc/inetd.conf
thanks, next question, I do not have an NFS server installed. Is it 100% necessary and why isnt it installed as standard?
no, it's not required, depending on your distro
I am running Ubuntu Gutsy
ok, that's LTSP-5, and NFS is not required
thanks, still cant get things to work after many hours of trying - stuck at "Loading ................. /i386/img" and then nothing
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Could somebody interpret some text from Wireshark for me? Who has <Server IP>? Tell <>
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I have tried to get the img by running tftp on the server itself, but it times out without doing anything.
"who has" is an arp request
it's trying to find the machine that responds to that IP address
does that machine exist on your network?
yes its the server address
ok, if you only see one arp request, it's not a problem
on your server, do this: sudo netstat -anp | grep ":69 "
that'll tell us if anything is listening for tftp requests
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udp 0 0* 5686/inetd
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Joe90: do this: iptables -L
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Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) <newline> target prot opt source destination [Same for Forward and Output]
ok, so it's not iptables getting in the way
that's about the limit of my experience with LTSP-5
jammcq: thanks anyway - it looks like its a TFTP problem though as I can't even get the image over tftp on the server itself
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anybody here use sabayon?
how come .dbus isn't in the DIRECTORIES_TO_IGNORE list
it also seems that it'd be nice to have this setting per profile
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hiya folks...
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szukam kogos kto mowi po polsku...
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English only.
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anybody here use sabayon?
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morning all :D
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hi all
I just added some brainstorm ideas to
I'd like comments... riched, are you subscribed ?
!seen ogra
ace_suares: ogra was last seen in #ltsp 4 days, 0 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds ago: <ogra> indeed
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