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Yeah, improving the errors would be nicer. ==> something like this?
:P :D
19:42* alkisg prefers the python advice, "don't hide exceptions / call stacks"
huh, was never under the impression that a python traceback was considered good practice ... by python programmers they always found it as a failure to not handle an exception more meaningfully
but there's only so much time available, and can't catch everything
I wouldn't mind writing the exception to a log file, and telling the user "things failed, look at the log file" like windows does, but I can't say it's my first choice...
I always have a hard time troubleshooting programs on windows, while linux programs with their stderr are always much easier to debug
i guess the difference is between hiding an exception vs. handling it :)
but anyways, your proposal to be more verbose about what failed sounded good
Handling an exception is a bad thing to do if all you're going to show is a generic message, that hides 1000 different possible errors
Now, the exception showed "keyerror 1027", the exact number where the group was missing
i loved the gnome login error "Something went wrong"
19:54* alkisg tries to think of linux console programs that write their stderr elsewhere, in order to show more user friendly messages...
Not gui ones, console ones
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