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can i configure NIS on LTSP??
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Hi all
Does someone know if there is a solution to have thin clients on a ltsp server with two networks card (one ltsp private LAN and one global LAN with internet access), but the thin clients having only access on the first net (private LAN), just using the server as router for internet access (I mean, no access at all to the global LAN resources, only internet) ? Any tutoriel URL if yes ?
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arcfour: is an SSH cipher which is more than 2 times faster than the default aes128-ctr. To enable it, set LDM_SSHOPTIONS="-o Ciphers=arcfour128".
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good afternoon. Steve Cook here. I have set up and have got running an ltsp server and client on ubuntu 14. I have had considerable diofficulty getting it up[ and running. I initially followed this instruictional ( It works, but i have had to do some extra stuff:
Firslty, I had to copy the ltsp dhcp config over to the etc/dhcp config file. Unless it was in there as well, it would not work. Secondly, I have to have a non ltsp client machine physically linked to eth0 in order for my dhcpd and tft servers to start. I start them with a startyup script on the server....continied....
Obviously, i have to start the client machine first, so the server has got an active connection from bootup, otherwise the dhcpd server will fail to start. Hasving once started the servers in the way described, i then fire up a virtualbox VM ltsp client on the server and it boots successfully. Once it is booted, I can disconnet the bare metal full fat client, I mentuioned earlier. From this point, any ltsp client connected to eth0
If I tried to start the vm ltsp client before an active connection was established witht he full fat bare metal client, it would fail for the reasons alreasdy given. However once load, and kep open, the ltsp Vm client keeps the dhcpd server connection alive for any ohher eal world ltsp clients. It's a bit messy, but it works.....continued....
what I am wanting to fix is a way for some kind of fake eth0 connection to be establised at bootup so that I can start th servers and they wont fail because they will "think" that the connection is active and so will start. At whiich point, any other ltsp client should boot. Indeed, it may evebn mean i don;t need the Vm ltsp clinet as a "seed" client to keep the dhcpd connection alive.
any advice folks?
i should add, for completeness, when i say, that without the full fat client machine being cionnected at bootup on eth0, the dhcpd server "fails", what i mean is that is does not "appear" to fail.. That is to sday, it gives the "OK" as if it has started. Howeever, the ltsp client will not boot and will not recive an address. Only when i boot the dhcpd server with a normal machine attached to eth0, will the ltsp vm client boot.
stevecook:everyone must be busy..I d bet someone will answer..I have the same problemwith deploystudio..
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Hi cliebow...i do hope so mate...:)
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stevecook: there is no way to "fake" an eth connection.
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okay gbti, thanks for that. However, I would question your flat statement. That is to say, a physical connection is a physical connection and, short of making a physical change, you indeed "can't" face that physical connection. However, a dhcp server is not a physical connection. It is a piece of software. And any software can be modified
But, given what you have said, how then do I get the ltsp dhcp server to start in preparation for an ltsp client booting. I ask this becasue this is precisely what was possible up to Ubuntui 12.04. it was only from Ubuntu 13 that this was no longer possible. Even the latest 12.04 ISO's now have this problem. So, Canonical must have done something both retrospectively to as far back, at least, as 12.04 and certainly up to the presen
"face" should have read as "force"
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Or, failing being either able to fake a connection, nor being able to fix the issue any other way in terms of configuration settings on thre server, is it possble to fit some kind of small, portable, "always on" device, other than an ectual external PC between the server and the clients. Thus, the clients would then be able to access a live eth0 via this intermediary device.
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does a network switch act in such a way that it will trigger the eth0 to allow the dhcp server to start properly? If so, then this would be trivially solved by putting that in place. the face is, at ther moment, I am only in testing phase and so have my server and clinet directly wired together. but, eventually, i will have about three clients, in turn requyring a switxch in any event
"face" should read as "fact"
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stevecook: so the problem is that dhcpd doesn't start automatically unless you do a lot of workarounds?
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precisely so, alkisg. In ubuntu 12.04, as soon as ltsp was installed and all config files were set, I could simply issue the dhcd server restart command, with no clients currently loaded. at which point i vould then boot up a client and get stringt into an ltsp session. now, if I issue the dhcp server restyart command, it "looks" like it is restarting. That is to say, it give the "OK" output. but, it has not restarted thus requirin
Your sentence was cut in half, type enter more frequently
"That is to say, it give the "OK" output. but, it has not restarted thus requirin"
thus requiring workarounds
already mentioned upthread
The step 4 in the guide you followed isn't appropriate
It's better to not define an interface name in dhcpd conf
ah..okay, Let me jusrt pull it up.....
Also, you can use a network-manager static connection instead of /etc/network/interfaces if you want
if you mean the managed "true" statement, i should have mentioned, I've set that to false, othrwise nothing happend at all
Please xplain the network manager static function
There are some issues with the guide you followed... it's hard to correct it step by step though
It's better to follow one of the guides in the wiki...
ah right, you mean the dhcp.conf
In 1b, the guide says "use network manager"
In 1c, it says "use /etc/network/interfaces
22:04's not a good guid
The guides int he wiki, though, nearly always have certasin assumptions in them of a certian level of knowlefe on given items. That is to saym,t hey are not explicit enough. The reason i have always used this guide is because it is precisely that. Exoplict,. and has always worked on my previous ubuntu installation. I only jusdt recently migrarted form 12,04 to 14
it was aperfect guide up till 12.04. I know becasue i impk,enented it flawlessly serveral times
Well, I'm pointing that 1b is incompatible with 1c, so no it's not perfect
It just happened to work for you and the author in certain setups :)
It worked for me anthe aithor in a setup invo0,ving an eth0 and wlan0. for me, as well, ion several different machine. that, i would suggest, is the most common cofiguration around, is it not?
2 nics is pretty common, sure. Wlan for the second nic isn't very common. Single nic setups are very common too.
in any event, i do accept it is not perfect now
Suggesting to use both /etc/network/interfaces and network-manager is plain wrong though
but that is less to do with setups chaging and more to do with something changing in either ltsp or ubuntu. Ubuntu would be my guess
Wrong or otherwise, it plainly worked, as i can attest, until ubuntu 12.04
Yes, wrong solutions happen to work in some circumstances, and break in others
It's best not to follow them :)
So, decide what you want to use, network-manager or interfaces, and use it
The author says "For some mysterious reason if you enter the IP manually in the interfaces file, Network Manager ignores them"...
...that's because he didn't understand what he was doing...
A single wired and a single wireless conection on a desktop is not common? Netowrk manager, alone does not work. Interfaces alone, does not work. I know this becasue the author mentione dprecisely that and I also know this becasue i tried it sperately on both
I do know that network-manager alone works here in 1000 schools
I've also tried /etc/network/interfaces alone, it works fine too
Okay, well i am happy fgor you that you have 100 schools sucessfully running ltsp with your current setup. Meanwhile are you able to offer any contructive advice as tyo how my problem may be addressed
Yes, I already adviced this: "So, decide what you want to use, network-manager or interfaces, and use it"
Which one do you want to use?
Decide first, then undo the other steps as appropriate
E.g. if you decide to use nm, undo the changes to interfaces
and to managed=true etc
I have already done prescisely that, as I have already mentioned. I f I do that, then the dhcp server not only loads, incorrectly, It fails
OK, so, you've decided to use network-manager?
What I'm proposing is, select one method, undo all other changes, and then we can start asking you for feedback
E.g. run that command and tell us the output, or put that file into pastebin...
Now we can't ask for feedback because you haven't selected which method to use
I have already done the combination of interfaces alone, with management to false/true, network manager alone with management fale/true. both of them with management to false/true. the only combination thaty works, has been both of them with management to fales. at least on my current setup. On the previous 12.04 setting it was set to true in order to wrok
I will do that and get back t you, thanks
I understand that you've tried several things, but in order to troubleshoot something, you need to focus on it
So, to troubleshoot "why dhcpd isn't starting when i use nm", you need to minimize the other changes, to /etc/network/interfaces, to /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server, to NetworkManager.conf etc
In other words, if I just install dhcpd now and change the internal subnet in dhcpd.conf to 192.168.67.x and try to start it, it will just start, without me having to change other things...
When you're done with reverting the changes, do put the aforementioned files (and any other related files you think you have changed) to pastebin
22:24* alkisg notes that he'll be leaving soon though... it's kinda late here
alkisg, I am going to reboot both the server now as well as the client. so , I going offline for a minute. Befor ei do, thoug, iorrespe4ctive of whetehr this works, i owe you an apology for being rude,I;'ve jst been at this for three days, no excuse though
stevecook: no problem, if you want help i'll be online in ~7h
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