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!learn systemd-run as To get a bigger client terminal via epoptes run: `sudo systemd-run socat SYSTEM:"TERM=xterm COLUMNS=95 LINES=50 exec screen bash -l",pty,stderr openssl-connect:$SERVER:5499,verify=0`
The operation succeeded.
alkisg: how did you make the context menu popup in the epoptes terminal window?
I'm guessing it was a keyboard hotkey/shortcut
to make the window "Huge" or whatever the options were
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Hola, he arrancado el aula de informática y en los usuarios no sale la pantalla de inicio
Sale como un pantalla de ejecución de comandos
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muhwalt: hold ctrl down, right click in the window
Thanks :)
profesor^lliurex: can you use google translate or something? Not many people here can read spanish...
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