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Hi, I have a question regarding how to run a command upon login of a user on an ltsp client
specifically, I wish to run an sshfs command to mount a shared folder on the client
is there any LTSP method to do this?
I've noticed the mention of the "POST_APPLET_x" directive in the ltsp.conf man page, however in the ltsp(8) man page I could not find the list of applets that can be used with the POST_... option
Is there a way using this option to do what I'm trying?
This is easy enough
There's basically two easy solutions for what you're trying to do
Presumably you can also use NFS for mounting the shared volume, in which case you can simply use the FSTAB_* entries in lts.conf
If you really need to use sshfs to mount it, you could either use regular session startup scripts like you would do for any Linux workstation. You could create a startup script to run via /etc/xdg/autostart and set up some key-based authentication
And there's also the option LOCAL_APPS_EXTRAMOUNTS in lts.conf, but this only works if you need to mount the directory from the same server you're logging in to. Also not sure if this option still works in latest LTSP.
And maybe alkisg can think of even more, he's the absolute LTSP wizard. But you'll have to stick around a bit more if you need the expert answer. :-)
Hopefully at least I've helped you along on your quest. ;-)
Personally I'd use NFS. I actually use NFS for the home directories also, instead of sshfs.
@Hyperbyte Thank you for your answer. Indeed I am using the latest LTSP and while I was using LOCAL_APPS_EXTRAMOUNTS earlier, that option is not available any longer
as the shared folders have permissions set to allow different folders access only to specific users, I need the sshfs session to be authenticated as the username of the user who just logged in, and the user's login credentials to do that would not be available to a script started by /etc/xdg/autostart
I have thought of NFS, and, yes, it sounds like it should work, but I like the higher security of sshfs
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