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R4F4EL: that second problem sounds like a graphics driver problem. Sure, it's possible that your hardware fails with recent xorg and that you need to file a bug report so that it runs in newer Ubuntu versions; but this issue isn't related to LTSP
R4F4EL: one way to make sure, is to boot the client with live CDs, and see at which version it broke. E.g. "it worked on 16.04 and stopped working on 16.10". Then you could report that to ubuntu xorg, so that xorg developers might help you get it fixed
02:13* alkisg wishes people wouldn't buy "thin client hardware"; in some cases it's worse than 20-year-old pentium 4's...
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llantones: here
Let's chat here in the channel
So, the easiest way for me to help you, is for you to share your screen with me
vnc-edide: To share your screen with me, open Epoptes → Help menu → Remote support → Host:, and click the Connect button
Do these ^ steps
(from your ltsp server)
llantones: ok now boot your client
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How do I rotate a monitor to portrait with the new lts.conf for ltsp19?
gp: you create a custom xorg.conf
Same as you would do it in normal installations
alkisg: ok ty
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