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alkisg: "reset-panels" :: to reset gnome panels to their initial state, losing any customizations you may have made: gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel
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!disable compiz
sidartha: Error: You don't have the owner capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
anyone know the command to disable compiz?
aptitude purge compiz ?
07:24* sebd doesn't really know
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Thanks.. I got the answer yesterday but didnt write it down
Hyperbyte: "disable_compiz" :: To disable compiz, try: sudo gconftool-2 --direct --config-source xml:readwrite:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory --type string --set /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager metacity
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i used local_apps_extramounts to mount /media-folder so that users can access their usb-memory from localapps, does anyone know how to get those memorysticks to appear to places-list so that user dont have to search it from /media-folder?
i would guess there is something to do with d-bus..
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any one know of a current tutorial for installing firefox addons globaly?
or if this still works
check the mozilla documentation
and multiuser setups on servers
still applies to LTSP
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hi :)
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ubuntu maverick. in opt/ltsp/i386 there is the whole structure of systemfiles. these are files i run from client? i try to boot through gpxe but i have a feeling that system or monitor freeze when is about to print the loading logo before gdm. Actually yesterday loaded ONCE through gpxe 1.0.1 but unfortunately didn't think to check about monitor and graphics drivers. Xorg.conf doesnt exist. any suggestion? Something about to boot in saf
e mode? txs
jimishol: What are you trying to do?
now to repeat the boot i made yesterday . to boot very thin client through gpxe
booting stops before gdm so no option
Is your "thin client" trying to boot via PXE?
Trying to load: pxelinux.cfg/default and one or two flashes of screen and then nothing
yes. actually yesterday it booted once and performance was ok. but couldn't boot again
That's odd.
via gpxe through cd and now through floppy
Oh, it doesn't have PXE-capable firmware?
i believe that if i could force to boot in safe mode , just as i can with grub, i can fix it
no it doesn't
Does it have a socket for a boot ROM?
(perhaps on the network adaptor)?
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no it doesn't. at least i think so
jimishol: If you're talking about "safe mode", I'm guessing it has a hard disk. Perhaps you could install something there that could simulate a PXE boot.
the only message i can see is to press Ctel-B for commands of gpxe
11:48* ball isn't familiar with gpxe
i simulated PXE with gPXE i connect through dchp i load pxelinux.0 and all goes well, net load is full, but before gdm no net load and no screen :(
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it seems i lost dhcp server. i will reboot server and come back. c u . txs
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om thw same gpxe i see i can boot virtualmachine so nothing is wrong with gpxe. As i see now screen goes in sleep mode before gdm starts. Similar to a minor problem i have when i logout user from server. i need to close and open again monitor manually. But that does not work on client
power management setting you think?
i do it right now but in virtual machine
no screen does nt go to sleep now (in real machine ) but is black. My net load went to zero . so ...
if i play in virtual machine with xserver etc. i may harm my settings in server's account?
i see in virtualmachine i have ATI driver . In real client there is some old nvidia. If i remove ATI from virtual machine client i will do it from server too?
which distribution are you using? i would say in the VM set it to use a generic vga driver then once on the computer with the nvidia load the appropriate driver for that card
10.10 in server and hope in clients too. nv driver is already installed. now i will remove ATI driver from virtualmachine and hope i will not harm the real system of my server !
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so you think that from client i edit mostly the files in /opt/ltsp/i386 ? Same behaviour. i will reboot server to see if i did any harm and check it again. c u
i am afraid i removed driver from server too. !! i will add it again before reboot
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That's strange.
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