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alkisg: Re: project with the same name, liveusb ... I initially started from your script approach but failed to get it to boot under UEFI.
With ISO9660 imaging, the iso can be built on the LTSP server and it is "considerably small". Smaller than the ZIPped HD image.
and, your liveusb use case is different from mine.
I stuff the LTSP image bootable onto a USB stick.
Your liveusb bundles different distro live images (ISOs) on one flashdrive and makes them all bootable.
I have used OMIT_FUNCTIONS and a drop-in script now, but I'd really love to see this feature upstreamed.
(whenever feasible for you).
I'll advance my LTSP USB stick image a bit more and then put everything on Github.
I'd like to write a wiki page about my work, let me know where that should be. I can also write a blog post on my blog and reference that from the Github issue I am about to file.
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Hi sunweaver
Re: liveusb, in the next version I'll make it able to boot .vmdk and .squashfs images as well; it's just 2 functions in grub.cfg
Re: uefi, since I'm using Ubuntu, it can only boot canonical-signed kernels under secure boot
You'd need to run the script under debian to generate a stick able to boot debian kernels under secure boot
Re: iso, then people can't write in the stick, which in my case we do want; for example we also add support to boot windows etc
Do file an issue; and if you want a wiki page in
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