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mantis17: can you upload a screenshot?
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@alkisg, I'm mantis17 from last night. here is the screenshot requested:
thank you for looking into this
_mantis__: unfortunately the error is further up, it doesn't show up in the screenshot. A video would help. Sorry but... :D
Did the first part where you boot an rpi client in nfs-rw mode work?
Is that screenshot from the second part where ltsp image was ran?
no. it did not boot. that could be my problem
how can i go back a step?
The steps are "idempontent", you can go back and re-run them
ok. going back over that step now
alkisg, i went back over the nfs-rw steps and made sure IP address of LTSP server was correct and reran exportfs -ra and i get the same error message
i tried taking a video but the boot up is so fast i can't even scroll through the video to catch the boot up
If you want you can share the screen of your server with me to take a quick look
vnc-dide: To share your screen with me, run this: sudo apt-get --yes install x11vnc; x11vnc -connect - this is a reverse connection, it doesn't need port forwarding etc.
cool. doing so now
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_mantis__: I don't see anything wrong, is the problem still the same?
same kernel panic message
that i sent in the screenshot
OK. Some person here reported problems booting NFS clients with kernel 5.15, while it worked with kernels up to 5.14. I wonder if it breaks Raspberries as well; I'll need to test myself when I have some free time
I don't see the same error in your screenshot, but maybe it's further up... if you manage to get a video, it would help, otherwise wait for me to test...
Ah wait no, we're not using overlayfs yet, ignore all I've said
I've already tested the nfs-rw part and it works fine
_mantis__: do you get a shell if you reboot now?
I've configured init=/bin/bash
rebooting now
If you get a shell, try running a command like `ls; date` and see if things work
no shell. kernel panic - not syncing: attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x00007f00
That's the same message as before?
no. different. see screenshot
Can you upload a screenshot of the new failed attempt?
Try once more, then upload a screenshot
I've set init=/bin/sh now, in case something is wrong with bash
rebooting now
error. same as screenshot above but exitcode is now 0x000000200
latest screenshot:
Give it a last reboot
rebooting now
If it fails again, something went wrong with your image preparation; for example a bad copy?
i was looking at dnsmasq file. i noticed an ip wasn't right for dns server
dhcp server
rebooted and same error message
Btw is that with the latest stock raspberry pi os from
yes. it is
OK. I can try to follow the instructions once more and see if they work for me, but it'll have to be next week, no time for it now
ok. thanks alkisg I appreciate all of your efforts and support
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