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alkisg It was ltsp initrd that I was missing.  Thank you for the reply. :)
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> <> From my personal experience, the really bottom score to be able to surf if you're using a single tab and you're willing to wait, is around 400 (yours have 187).
> The "acceptable score for browsing if you don't have other programs open" is around 1000. And starting from 2000 score, you can have other programs open as well.
> Recent CPUs have a score of 10000+
are you talking about scores at speedometer test from the ? ( there is 3 tests on the site : jetstream2, speedometer and motionmark2 )
leksmut: I'm talking about cpubenchmark, e.g.
You just google for e.g. "i3 10100 cpubenchmark" and you see the result in the list, no need to actually run any benchmarks yourself
i see, personally i put cli version of geekbench 4,5,6 in /opt/ folder of ltsp image an can test any of my ltsp clients with this tools. it is metter of choice.
The major benefit is that I can see the benchmark of CPUs that I don't have, such as the ones that people here report; or CPUs that people plan to buy
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