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Error: "ltsp-commands" is not a valid command.
can someboby help me with unarchive i386.img ? i want to del /opt/ltsp/i386 and nake new from /opt/ltsp/images/i386.img ?
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guys, i'm having some troubles related to the image dedicated to LTSP client. I mean, when my client start it starts by the root directory from LTSP server not from the /opt/ltsp/amd64 directory. Is that correct ? I guess my client should boot amd64 dir, not the root dir from my server.
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Nekz: you're probably understanding something wrong there :)
Nekz: which distro/version are you using? ubuntu 16.04?
al-geo: man unsquashfs
Nekz: what you might mean is that you have thin clients, so when you login, you start a session on the server, with the processes running on the server, so the file manager sees the server files, so / is the server /
Nekz: while, if you were using ltsp fat clients, the file manager would be running locally on the client, so it would see the exported image of /opt/ltsp/amd64
fatclients: Nowadays LTSP supports thin and fat clients. They are both diskless and netbooted from the same LTSP chroot, but while thin clients run the session on the server and transfer the screen, fat clients run the session locally with their own CPU/RAM, thus performing amazingly better. See also !ltsp-pnp and
alkisg: exactly! Actually i'm running debian 7 just because my application requieres. I'm gonna try these fat client, I guess it will work
thanks for your help :)
Nekz: the best tutorial to try fat clients is this one:
ltsp-pnp: ltsp-pnp is an alternative (upstream) method to maintain LTSP installations for thin and fat clients that doesn't involve chroots:
And there's also a similar one for debian
Sorry alkisg, can you give me a little help again? I cant find the ltsp-build-client.conf file, it should be in /etc/ltsp/ltsp-build-client.conf
ltsp-pnp doesn't use ltsp-build-client at all
yea, you are right. Its just because I use to see it in many tutorials on web
There are many, many obsolete tutorials on the web
ltsp-build-client is used for fat clients, but not for the ltsp-pnp model, which is the easiest one to use
whats the ltsp-build-client.conf file then?
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