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i forgot to push ldm-trunk till just now...
sorry folks
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hi vagrantc , what's new in ldm-trunk?
cyberorg: well, i just tagged a new version. only thing new since the previous version was a translation for greek
cyberorg: i didn't commit it to ldm-trunk, but i also applied the patch from:
that partially addresses password expiry on debian ... not sure about other distros
since it's dependent on text spit out of the ssh session ... and apparently there's some different text for each distro
ok, nothing exciting as new ask-pass method :)
no, that will take a lot of work.
i'll start entering my "conservative changes only" mode in the next couple months.
ok, hopefully gbolte and his team can come up with something useful
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00:36* Deadpan110 looks in
00:38* vagrantc looks out
...anyways... hello all... ima prolly pop in n out fer a while.... ima havin probs gettin local devices to werk in ubuntu hardy o_O
...and on that note... client image rebuilt... so ima reboot this n then log in on mah server... bbs
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...ok... does anyone have a more detailed howto fer me to follow so I can check everythin fer mounting local devices... i fail on step 4 in
00:57 seems that the local mount point in /tmp is missing
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g'morning kidz
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vagrantc, hi, can I somehow install Debian (sid) ldm in Ubuntu hardy, in order to try the newer version?
alkisg: you can t ry it, but i doubt if it will work- the packages in sid and lenny depend on files that may not be present in hardy's ltsp.
should I try only overwriting the binary in the ltsp image, or the classic way (uninstall - install deb)?
btw, dnsmasq 2.42 is out, it solves the problem of lts.conf not transferring (=netascii mode)
definitely use the package.
Thanks! Sorry for my ignorance! :)
i was thinking about patching our ltsp scripts to download the lts.conf in binary mode, but if newer dnsmasq supports ascii, there's really no need.
I've had some problems of dnsmasq not replying, though
I've temporarily switched back to dhcp3-server, but it was worse, it crashed for bootp clients
So I'm back to dnsmasq and waiting for the new packages! :)
johnny, thanks for the tip, it was worth the fuss of switching!
i spent quite some time to get it right.. nobody helped me out :)
glad i could help others
some time on what?
when i first started using dnsmasq for ltsp , i spent alot of time tweaking my config to work
and i didn't really know what i was doing at the time
the example oin the source didn't work?
and dhcpd was the only thing supported
since nobody else was using it in this room at that time period
vagrantc, i found the example elsewhere on the internet, but that didn't work right away
i used to use it, and just recently updated the example in ltsp-trunk
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this was last october ish
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well, i was using dnsmasq in late 2006ish
´╗┐The one thing I didn't manage with either of the dhcp servers, was to pass kernel options to nbi.img (etherboot)... I followed debian's docs, but couldn't do it. So I just served them pxelinux.0 and everything OK, my lab now works flowlessly with 2 dhcp servers (1 = ubuntu, 2 = router).
and the example has been there ...
i just recently added tftp related stuff to it
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alkisg: you basically have to embed the bootprompt options for nbi.img in the nbi.img itself.
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vagrantc, supposedly you just configure the dhcp server to pass option-128 = etherboot signature and option-129=kernel options. It's documented in, don't have the link handy, I can search...
alkisg: oh yeah, that stuff ... haven't used that in aeons.
But it works fine by serving pxelinux.0 to etherboot clients, I don't know why we need nbi.img then...
because only recent versions of etherboot support PXE
My boot disk is from 2005...
Not gpxe, just plain etherboot.
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yeah, etherboot has had pxe support for years, but people still regularly come in here with clients that don't support PXE
it's not just the version- you can build etherboot without PXE support, and people do.
Oh, I see. Why doesn't somebody shoot them? :P
i'd prefer using my bare hands.
OK, they might have another pxe server, I was just joking
vagrantc, been a bit more aggro lately huh...
vagrantc, I also found a bug in XKBOPTIONS, there's an error in and they don't get default values from console-setup, resulting in clients not being able to switch languages, I guess this affects debian also?
alkisg, it's hard to assume that, hardy's ltsp is much out of date
johnny, in summer I'll have time and I'll also try Debian. I've been using it in the past, but the pilot program that my school participated in forced us to use Ubuntu...
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well ubuntu isn't a bad thing
i'm using it just fine.. but then again. i'm willing to fix my own bugs
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If it's easy for typical teachers to set-up, I'll switch, it'll be easier for me because I can download greek language support in DVDs without depending on an ADSL connection at school...
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I'm also willing to fix bugs, I'm experienced as a programmer, but I've been at a loss as for where to report them! I'd really like a tutorial for how things work in cooperation between distros, upstream etc
(report = with patches)
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Ubuntu is fine, I haven't used another distro recently, but it had the best install experience I've ever seen in Linux.
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!seen ogra
ace_suares: ogra was last seen in #ltsp 1 day, 3 hours, 8 minutes, and 7 seconds ago: <ogra> then it can sync dynamically
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hi all i want to install ltsp5 on ubuntu with nfs not with nbd what should i do
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what would be a good way to get users/passwords synchronized on a vm ? NIS ?
lol nis..
so not nis !?
ace_suares, nis is outdated ldap usualy
i think of ldap but hey
lots' of unclear stuff, bad docs
or just sync the files if that's sufficient
hmm i tought of that
but root and all the system users would have to be there too then
ace_suares, if it's a lot of users. and it's going to change now and then use ldap (libnss-ldap and libpam-ldap)
or maybe just grep for some group and >> /etc/passwd ?? etc shadow ?
ace_suares, yes it would be tricky
i run a vm that connects to the host with nfs but is there anything better then nfs ? sshfs ?
better is usualy more expencive like a SAN solution.
you could try iscsi
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iscsi ? it's a VM !
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I need umask for a specific group. Someone suggest me PAM (/etc/pam.d/) . Does anyone here knows about PAM ? Is it a good solution?
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I found the info. Do I have to remove the umask in /etc/profile; ~/.profile; /etc/login.defs ? Thanks
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Maybe the way I understand my problem is wrong... I wanted all users of a group who shares a folder to have similar permissions on file creation (rw-rw----). That's why I thought a umask (002) for a specific group would be a great solution (even better if use with PAM). Is there any other way to solve my problem?
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