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Strange behavior, if anyone can help...I have an LTSP setup (Ubuntu 16.04 if it matters). Working fine. I'm the admin (teacher) and never log in. But then I start logging into the cluster on a thin client and see some odd behavior.
First thing I notice is that some of my subdirectories (e.g. Desktop) are suddenly set to group "teacher".
But the more troubling thing is that I had set up a screensaver (slideshow) and the target subdirectory that contains the pictures are now changed to group teacher and chmod such that nobody else can see the pictures.
So something, I think, is happening during login where a script is changing group ownership of some set of things to "teacher" and even modifying permissions.
Is this known/expected behavior? Is it documented anywhere? (pointers to code are fine :-) What's the purpose?
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sutula: if your user is called teacher the group is teacher as default too... did you change it?
also those directories are in your home directory right?
I don't know the code but you could simply put the "shared directory" outside of your home directory eg. /home/screensaver
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sutula: that's the "shared folders" feature of ltsp-manager
I won't be porting ltsp-manager for 18.04 since there wasn't a lot of demand for it, so we'll keep using sch-scripts locally here in Greece, so just remove it from 16.04 too if it has "undocumented" features that you don't like/know how to use...
The script starts from /etc/xdg/autostart/shared-folders.desktop
nbd-client: To try mounting the NBD image from the client initramfs: nbd-client -N /opt/ltsp/i386 /dev/nbd0
alkisg: does the shared folders feature remove "manual" shares done with file permissions?
enaut[m]: it doesn't "remove" anything...
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Is it safe to say that ltsp-manager is out of support?
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hello. Is it safe to say ltsp-manager is not out of support?
deepanshuG_: I worked on it lately and did not publish it yet but I will do so in the coming weeks.
okay. are you alkisg?
other then less demand, Are there any other issues/reasons why its not ported in ubuntu 18.04
Maybe some security issues.
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no I'm not alkisg - he said that he does not have the spare time to support it further.
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enaut[m]: okay. Thanks for the info :)
deepanshuG if you want to test the curent work in progress (I have found no problems so far):
and the source:
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