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Good morning everyone. I've used LTSP for years and love it. Standard image work great. I recently learned you can add .vmdk and iso and boot from those. I copied to /srv/ltsp/images as .img and added to ipxe. First part of boot works fine but all of them stall on enable binary formats, starting udev kernel dev manager and uncomplicated firewall.
It just keeps looping though 7 different call, fails and tries again, Anyone ever run into this?
Final error before restarting the calls is Failed to start udev Kernel Device Manager
I figured it out. My LTSP server is Linux Mint 20.1 x64 running on esxi 7. All the VM's and ISO I added were for the purposes of using hardware incapable of booting from installed system so they are all 32 bit. I was not able to enable nested virtualization on the LTSP VM because I am using PCI passthrough for a gigabit NIC. Didn't think that would
be an issue, but apparently it is because I dod not understand how the ISO interacts with the rest of the syste, I thought it was a straight up boot from live iso and use it. Instead it uses parts of the original image when booting. Realized this by pulling in an Ubuntu Mate x64 iso and it booted fine. Surprised and delighted to see that when the
login screen came up, all the configured accounts are there.
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