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I am checking out the IMAGE_TO_RAM parameter. It boots and runs gnome fine but it doesn't have a home so I added OMIT_IMAGE_EXCLUDES="home/*". For some reason I still have no user home after "ltsp initrd" and "ltsp image /"
am I doing it wrong?
You need to tell ltsp to keep the users in the image, using PWMERGE:
Search for PWMERGE in the ltsp discussions to read more about it
You need to perform it both while the image gets built, and when the client boots
previously I had to replace the sshfs mounted /home with nfs and that worked for fixing gnome-keyring and gnome-remote-desktop. but now I removed the nfs mount for activating image_to_ram and I'm hitting that issue again despite no trace of mounting a home over sshfs.
I was able to include user homes by adding PWMERGE_DUR="bill"
PWMERGE_SUR="bill" (not sure if both are required)
hoping to find some inspiration here for making the gnome-remote-desktop work again without reverting to mounted nfs homes
PWMERGE_SUR appears to be in excess
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