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tftp: To test if your TFTP server is working, try this on the server (or from another PC): busybox tftp -g -r /ltsp/ltsp.ipxe -l /tmp/ltsp.ipxe localhost
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hi, do you remember if is there is any discussion or documentation how to make <100mbps clients nfs homedirectory connection faster? I have just two specific clients with same specs and speed, the clients have issues with nfs autologin when they boot, it seems autologin happens too fast when RELOGIN_TIMEOUT=5. sometimes even the home is not mounted. it works stable when RELOGIN_TIMEOUT=15
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i know the problems is the old slow cable that needs fix also but same desk works with other client hardware
vsuojanen: I'm not sure what you're asking, if a connection is <100 mbps due to a cabling problem, how would you make it faster using software?
not quite that, I remember two or three years ago there was some discussion about nfsroot settings and if i run now /usr/lib/klibc/bin/nfsmount from the client when they mount homedir does it need something with slow connections
something extra
you want to reduce the initial mount time, not throughput?
I have no direct ideas, but you could do `man 5 nfs` and then try out any option that sounds useful
I would suggest fixing the cabling though if possible :)
(does the bad cables also cause packet loss?)
i want to have the cable fixed of course sure
yes, some busy hours in the day. I don't know why but users say it's hanging nightly :)
if the ping stays consistent but you got packet loss I would _reduce_ timeout values and _increase_ retry attempts. If the pick fluctuates and you got packet loss then ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I see something called "soft timeout" that causes increased responsiveness with an added risk of data corruption
I would be hesitant to even go this route: nothing as permanent as temporary workarounds. If people feel the pain of the bad cables right now this gives you more leverage to get it fixed, I'd say
thanks so sum up if I really want there are some settings i could try with /usr/lib/klibc/bin/nfsmount options?
it has not been any better without ltsp clients so that's why i call it stable client with RELOGIN_TIMEOUT=15
vsuojanen: solving bad packet handling in all the related linux software may take 100 years. Solving the cabling issue may take 10 minutes. Choose where to spend your effort wisely :)
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A couple of years ago I was investigating nfs speed issues. NOT bad packet handling for NFS.
It's a completely different topic
The speed issues were related to buffering and caching
thanks. I'm only thinking possible shortcuts so not too bad yet
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quinox: alkisg Have a nice weekend
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you too!
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You too :)
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