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Hi! I'm facing a LTSP boot error. Client boot stops with a message saying "mv: can't rename '/root/sbin/init' : No such device or address" maybe when running /usr/sbin/ltsp initrd-bottom. My server runs Ubuntu Mate Jammy 22.04.1, method chroot Jammy for the clients following the documentation at Notice :
Ubuntu Mate Focal chroot is able to boot on the same server (but I'd like to run Jammy).
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urly: can you upload a screenshot?
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alkisg: yes here are 3 screen shots
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urly: did you run ltsp image, or are you trying to boot using the chroot method directly over nfs?
I think I've heard about a kernel bug with overlayfs over plain nfs (no squashfs) a while ago, so if you're trying without squashfs, it's probably that
alkisg: I've just run ltsp image and .img works for jammy.
I'd say I was trying to boot directly over nfs. And while troubleshooting client boot, and then exiting debug shell, boot continues up to log screen (lightdm) but without users (only guest session).
Thank you very much Alkisg. It's great.
But I wonder if there would be a way to keep using the nfs method, now or in the future.
urly: you can use a VM instead a chroot; then you can boot that over NFS directly without ltsp image
While to keep booting nfs chroot + overlayfs, a bug report will be needed to the kernel, there's nothing that ltsp can do about it
17:46's possible that it's already been reported and fixed in even newer kernels though, we'll see...
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