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> OK. When you're able, also try to boot the same client using ipxe.usb or ipxe.iso
I keep trying with proxydhcp and also with ipxe.usb but in both cases I get the same:
10:39* daniel891[m] uploaded an image: (861KiB) < >
But for some reason when I try the same with virtualbox in that same machine, it boot at first attempt
Can you paste a screenshot of ipxe.usb?
Also, when ipxe fails, press ctrl+B to get to the command line, type `config` to see all the boot parameters, and paste a screenshot from there too
That one is from ipxe.usb
For example, you may see that it's ANOTHER dhcp server that answers, not the one you think
There's no ipxe word in that screenshot
See an example ipxe screenshot:
It needs to say iPXE 1.0.0. Open Source blah blah...
yes right my fail one sec
11:03* daniel891[m] uploaded an image: (1897KiB) < >
11:04* daniel891[m] uploaded an image: (821KiB) < >
daniel891: do you see an ip address inside netX? If not, then the problem is in your main dhcp server, it doesn't always answer on time
Also read the help page for that error:
<alkisg> "daniel891: do you see an ip..." <- Yes I think thats the problem. Thank you very much
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