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does anyone know how to take the gdm login and shift it two one side right now i have it on two screens (dual display) it shows it mirrored) what i want is everything on the left monitor (username and password box)
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02:20* Ryan52 assumes that IBC_jkenney means ldm, not gdm..
that's probably a bug we should fix.
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I boot kiwi-ltsp (via pxe...) on opensuse 11.1 (i use prebuild image from repo)
i enter login and password: Verifying password. Please wait." then "No response from server, resetting..."
try: ltsp-update-sshkeys - command not found
please help)
execute ltsp-update-sshkeys on the server
alexqwesa, try #kiwi-ltsp ...
the kiwi implementation massively differs from normal ltsp ... specifically in the commands it uses to set up the chroot
ltsp-update-sshkeys on the server - command not found
ogra: thx, i go kiwi-ltsp
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I am trying to get k12linux EL onto a computer, but do not have a dvd burner or a reliable cd bruner. I dont have a flash drive over 4 gb either. Is it possible to do an install of centOS then install ltsp via the net?
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hi folks, I'm trying to modified a ldm theme, without much success so far, I can only change the background image.
is it possible to move the login box of the ldm more to the top of the screen?
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anybody here has any experience with dracut?
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knipwim, there is a dracut channel? but what's up?
there's also an example via fedora
asking in the dracut channel, but no reply so far, so i thought i ask here
but it was wondering
how and where to specify a root= option
or maybe i'm just missing the clue
ah, probably in my pxelinux config
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knipwim, surely yes
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knipwim, let me know when you want to work together again
perhaps you can help me with vmmitude at some point..
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