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hello, is it possible to make the server part of LTSP (old or new) work in a non-debian linux, "ALT Linux" specifically?
the client image will still be debian-based (built on a separate server), also i don't need desktop environment, it will be a "true" thin client that only connects to an rdp-server
maybe i can configure nbd, tftp and other stuff manually? how difficult will it be?
vma: hi, well, the server part will probably work in most distributions with no or minor modifications
Just copy the ltsp directory from git to /usr/share/ltsp, and symlink /usr/sbin/ltsp => /usr/share/ltsp/ltsp
Use the new one, NOT the old one
If you see things missing, like "systemctl restart nfs-server" => unit not found, you'll need to install the nfs server package, etc
Off for now, back in 2-3 hours :)
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vma: I tested ltsp on altlinux, and it seems to work, but I had to `apt-get install dnsmasq nfs-server openssh-server squashfs-tools ethtool net-tools dash` and to change #!/bin/sh in /usr/share/ltsp/ltsp to #!/bin/dash, as ltsp seems to not be compatible with bash currently
Ah altlinux bash is 4.x instead of 5.x. Oh well it works with dash.
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