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hello, I have a working ltsp network, but on older computers it crashes just after boot. I went to the Xorg log which tells me "DRM_I915_ENTERVT failed: unknown error 4294967291"
There is a bug report about this "" here, but since I'm pretty new to Linux, I have no clue how to fix this
so if there's someone who can help me on this one :)
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when i run "dmesg |grep drm" I get a drm:i915_gem_init_ringbuffer error
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Dwindow close
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i just pushed the new version of nbd-proxy in the trunk.
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Howdy All. Got a strange Local Devices problem where the terminal is recognizing the device, but I think the Udev rules are failing to fire off properly indicated by no /var/run/ltspfs_fstab file being created.
on the terminal, that is. Manual mount also fails with error connecting though, so I might be missing something obvious.
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Been using to debug this one. Is there a better one?
I think it might be out of date though, since we don't have anyone in the fuse group or run the fuse kernel module on the servers that DO have working local devices.
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`ssh -X -S /var/run/<ldm_socket> <server IP> "/usr/sbin/ltspfsmounter /tmp add"` failed with a simple 'ERROR connecting'. No further detail. =(
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yeah. manual mount works fine from terminals operating from servers that load devices normally.
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very frustrating since there's so little visibility server-side.
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Is anyone here familiar with the functionality of the local devices?
I've tracked it down to the machine-specific 'LOCALDEV=true' not overriding the global LOCALDEV=false. Specifying by hostname or MAC address doesn't do the job.
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atkuepker: is it reading other settings from lts.conf?
working on that test right now.
12:35* vagrantc likes to set SCREEN_07=shell
it's really visually obvious when LDM doesn't pop up
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Yeah, we set that one and 'SCREEN_02=shell' globally
err, SCREEN_07=ldm
just making sure LDM doesn't start is a visually easy way to troubleshoot if it works or not
vagrantc, you are correct. I set up an rdesktop session on SCREEN_03 which it failed to perform.
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i have seen 1 machine that refused to recognize by mac address but worked with ip address.
not a particular model, a particular machine... it was hair pulling
it fails with hostname also. haven't done IP though, since we use DHCP. will try that one.
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i resorted to setting a fixed address in dhcp
yeah, that's problematic for us. Too many machines to be doing that, and D-DNS doesn't work with the statics.
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vagrantc, you were right. IP address worked like a charm.
dunno what's borked with getltscfg ... but that's annoying
darn. was hoping that it was a script I could read through rather than a straight binary.
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vagrantc, is your environment running 5.2.x yet, or still 5.1? I'm hoping to wait for the next LTS release to upgrade our dozen or so servers from Ubuntu 9.10.
ltsp 5.2.4* on debian lenny and squeeze
with some older specialized systems that just use LTSP for booting, essentially
and the problem still surfaces in 5.2, eh? Crud.
ended up swapping out the machine
it was an old desktop, and got some thin clients
and all the others worked by mac address just fine
same model and everything
we're seeing that behavior across the board on our entire deployment of Dell Optiplex equipment under 5.1.90 with Karmic.
that's an old deployment, no?
isn't it end-of-life soon?
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yeah. We were going to go to 10.04LTS, but didn't care for the social media/messaging convergence stuff in the UI.
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