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Channel log from 31 December 2010   (all times are UTC)

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Any plans for this evening?
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party in the hague, you?
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Anybody know how to change the plymouth splash for LTSP?
i don't know how to change it, curious, why do you want to change it? i love the way it looks (your talking about the logon screen correct?)
Not the LDM logon screen, the plymouth boot splash.
From the ubuntu default one.
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To all those who are still in 2010, Happy December 31st! And to those already in the new year, #ltsp? really? come now...
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hi gadi
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09:21* Gadi waves
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Happy new year all, bb next year...
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It is freaking slow to boot client over 54g wlan. :)
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anyone had any experience with neoware ca 15 thin clients?
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