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Good morning alkisg. :-) Still busy solving all the quirks and things we have with the new LTSP on Ubuntu 20.04
Good morning Hyperbyte
I took your advice for going with ProxyDHCP; only small issue I've noticed is that clients when they reboot, they get a different IP address. I guess that's something to do with ProxyDHCP.
I was wondering if maybe you have some answer ready before I dive into the Googles and stuff.
I'd prefer clients to keep their address as much as possible, easier administration.
No it's not related to proxydhcp
Your dhcp server might get confused if it sees a different client id from the bios vs from the ipxe request
vs the linux request
So you need to configure it to check the mac, not the client id
Okay, I'll look into it.
And I still have this strange issue where for some users or clients (haven't determined which yet) there seems to be some strange systemd possibly dbus related problem. "Process org.freedesktop.systemd1 exited with status 1" is the answer whenever I run a "systemctl" command
Pretty strange occurrence.
Can I vnc there?
I'm afraid not.
OK, try to collect more info and let's do it another day, I'm time-pressed currently
But I'll figure it out hopefully. I'll keep you posted.
Yeah, sure. No worries. :-)
Somehow /run/user/<id>/ folder is not set up on the client, nor is XDG_RUNTIME_DIR environment variable set. That's weird.
Bad ldap pam setup?
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alkisg, maybe. Not sure why it would occur only for specific users
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hello, I have a support request or a bug report to make about ltspfs (LTSP 5). Should I open an issue on github or elsewhere ?
"LTSP5 is now only supported in its old sourceforge mailing lists. Ask whatever you need in ltsp-discuss there"
I'd rather use IRC : after upgrading to Debian 10 (buster), mounting USB keys from a thin client does not work anymore. On the server, /home/$USER is created but as soon as an access is attempted to it, the thin client does "/lib/udev/ltspfs_entry remove /dev/sda1" instead of mounting it and /media/$USER disappears.
sebd: LTSP5 isn't really maintained anymore, except for severe security issues
If you want to open a bug report about it, you can use its launchpad project page, but I don't think anyone will work on resolving it
We recommend the new ltsp for fat clients, and in the cases where thin clients are really necessary, the use of x2go, rdp and other remote desktop software, that handles drive sharing etc
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OK I'll try X2Go as an alternative. Thank you !
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