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Channel log from 21 May 2019   (all times are UTC)

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how do i update the image in a chrotless instolation after i updated the kernel, just rerun "ltsp-update-image --cleanup"?
"ltsp-update-image --cleanup /"
the "/" is important, it tells it where the files you want to update are, otherwise i think it defaults to /opt/ltsp/ARCH
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I've been writing an app since a while now where a network booted client makes a socket connection to the server while booting. The client then gets the SSH public key from the the server and sets it as authorized key.
On top of that I've been writing some functionality to manage the clients. Boot them, shut them down, remote control them using VNC and websockets etc.
It's written in Node. I can share it by the beginning of June as I'm still finishing it up. I'm presenting it next week but I got the 'OK' to share it if there would be any interest.
I'll very likely still do something with ipxe in the app as that's something I've been hoping to do instead of dynamically generate syslinux config files.
hello guys, gm.
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nehemiah: reimplementing epoptes? :)
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alkisg: Yes, it it's very similar. The big difference being that it works in the browser. So you can control your clients from anywhere just using the browser.
I guess that I can share what I have but I can not maintain it in LTSP form meaning it'll be very specific to how our organization is working.
nehemiah, that's very nice, monitoring from the browser. Are you releasing the project to open source?
Yes, it will be open source.
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nehemiah: I actually proposed that for last year's gsoc, with the clients connecting to the server via https (not ssh), the server written in node.js, and the gui in javascript; but it was too big a rewrite to be in feature parity within 3 months
I think it would need something like a year to be as stable
alkisg: Okay, I'm going to take some time this to make what I have a bit more modular. I experience it extremely robust as the sockets reconnect after an outage and commands are just being send using SSH.
Of course there are always bugs but this is not rocket science so it should be quite stable.
With modular I mean that I'm going to separate our own logic from what you's typically want for LTSP.
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epoptes works without ltsp as well
ssh unfortunately is limited to linux
if you're going for web-based, might as well make it cross platform
I see, yes, that is far removed from our use case although you can send information using the sockets of course.
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