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Channel log from 25 April 2010   (all times are UTC)

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hey guys, I have install K12Linux i386 with fedora core pxe boot works fine.. but which is the root password for login? sry for my stupid question but i did not found it anywhere -.-*
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blubb: don't know
but you could chroot into the environment and reset it
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i'll try it thanks
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okay next problem o.O the hash on /etc/shadow has changed i think chroot and change password has worked but the result is not changed after root and new password message: no response from server -.-*
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solved :D
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johnny: if you're there, could you check out ?
this will solve the remote logging problems on gentoo clients
it uses sysklogd by default now on the client, fitting with the configuration in ltsp-init-common
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knipwim, your patch is Internal Server Error" ? that doesn't sound like a good idea
looks like i'll have to look later while they launchpad folks fix whatever is wrong
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