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Channel log from 25 August 2015   (all times are UTC)

cups: Recent cups versions have issues with the hostname, either set 'ServerAlias server' in <server>/etc/cups/cupsd.conf, or 'CUPS_SERVER="$SERVER"' in lts.conf so that it's accessed by its ip
nrdb: ^^ you might need to do that
maldridge, so I have the location of the lts.conf file correct? so I would add .. CUPS_SERVER="$SERVER" to the [default] section?
maldridge, I am getting no indication that the client is reading the lts.conf file... I tried adding .. screen_1=shell ... to the [defualt] section and when I press <ctrl><alt><F2> the screen is blank
00:10* nrdb opps that is screen_2
00:11* nrdb opps that is SCREEN_2
ok.. I have a shell working now but the printer shows up with lsusb but netstat doesn't show any process waiting for printer connections.
there is a /dev/usb/lp0 on the client ... but the server still can't find a printer on the client
hm, that's a different type of cups configuration than I'm familiar with
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I presume that to find the server to find the printer on the terminal some tcp port would be needed... the ipp for instance (udp/tcp 631) ... none of which is open... why isn't this being setup?
I have "PRINTER_0_TYPE = U" and "PRINTER_0_DEVICE = /dev/usb/lp0" in the config file.
I am trying to setup a terminal printer ... it just wont go ... I set the "PRINTER_0_DEVICE" in lts.conf ... the terminals /dev/usb/lp0 exists ... the terminal doesn't open any tcp/udp ports for the printer.
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nrdb: is jetpipe running on the client?
if you start it manually, can you then print?
What's the output of `getltscfg -a` in screen-02 shell?
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jammcq: hey, so unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to show up in Detroit but it looks like I should be back home in time to drive down for BTS itself though. Looking for other interested attendees in the Montreal area who happen to have a car, otherwise I may fly down to one of the airports :)
stgraber, single-engine prop-plane diretly to bar harbor ?
thats surely an adventure
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Hi. I’m trying to get my FAT clients to boot running ltsp-pnp on Ubuntu 14.04.
I’ve run into the problem with ltsp-update-image not working correctly on my setup as I’ve put /boot on a separate partition as described here:
@alkisg fixed it but the fix got overwritten and I’m looking to write out some directions to solve it so that when I re-boot my computer I can re-apply the solution.
Awkward but may be the best solution for now. Alternatively, I could re-install everything (all on the same partition). I’m seriously considering that right now.
So, can anyone help me on the path to figuring out how to solve this problem?
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stgraber: wow, we'd love to have you in SW Harbor. maybe we can find another time that you can come to Detroit
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OK, reinstall.
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