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Channel log from 16 August 2015   (all times are UTC)

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work_alkisg: i've bene glancing at lists of ltsp bugs ...
ltsp-update-image -c / fails when partition mounted within /home
i can't seem to reproduce with overlay in Debian stretch.
i definitely remember reproducing it with jessie and/or wheezy.
work_alkisg: i'm tempted to just do an upload of ltsp, ldm and ltspfs to debian experimental just to get something newer out there
work_alkisg: but there were some outstanding issues with overlayfs on older versions of ubuntu?
anyone else is, of course, free to confirm :)
another one that might be worth tackling is
ssh server on thin client broken by default
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because my google fu is weak, a thin client should in theory still be able to access local sound server on the client box and usb?
got some employees here that thing they need to be able to listen to pandora 24/7... and until the new AUP is out... I don't see them quieting down about it
gehidore: sort of
gehidore: sounds should work, more or less, and usb sticks, usb drives, etc. should work
but it's not accessing the hardware directly ... it's likely using remote pulseaudio and the filesystems are acces via ltspfs
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well as long as the pass thru works I suspect that'll still be acceptable
certainly acceptable to me regardless
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gehidore: what are the client specs, cpu/ram?
vagrantc, re: LP #1341728, it happens in this case:
sda1 /
sda2 /home
sda3 /home/Shared
And, sda2 does have a mount point (directory) for /home/Shared,
but sda1 doesn't have the directory /home/Shared
Our logic there has no mkdir so it can't mount sda3
Since the overlay COW stuff is working fine now, I suggest that we simply don't exclude /home, i.e. to stop using an EXCLUDED_MOUNTS list (or to initialize it to empty)
Since get_mounts returns a sorted list, sda2 will be bind-mounted before sda3, so the mount point will exist
Sorry for not being very available this week, but starting tomorrow I'll be more available in the mornings, solving bugs and other things
Re: LP #1324545, what do we want for the default ltsp-pnp case?
I assume that we don't want sshd on the clients by default, do we?
So, I think that we should remove ssh* from ltsp-update-image.excludes, so that it works fine when one installs openssh-server in a chroot,
and to disable it somehow else in the -pnp case, either with RM_SYSTEM_SERVICES (which should actually become DISABLE_SYSTEM_SERVICES, but anyway...), or with an cleanup.d script
About PasswordAuthentication, I don't think we should do anything, the newer openssh has root logins disabled by default anyway
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i'm trying to do ltsp-build-client and getting: error: LTSP client installation ended abnormally
and that's all
First, are you just running 'ltsp-build-client'? in my experience it will not run if you have the chroot already (e.x. build the client chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 second time).
if you are new to LTSP and trying to do your ltsp-buil-client the very first time just remove that /opt/ltsp/i386 and try again
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work_alkisg: p4 64 bit we discussed the other day and up to i3 all Intel machines
1 to 4g RAM
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