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Channel log from 18 June 2017   (all times are UTC)

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Hi I was on here this week posting about problems with Ubuntu 14 clients randomly freezing and i thought I'd just post back how I managed to fix it, increase anyone else is having the same issue in the future. My issue was that the CPU on the clients did not like the linux 4.xx kernel that is used by default in Ubuntu 14.04; so i decided to switch the linux 3.xx kernel and this fixed the problem
I switched the kernel by installing linux-image-generic on apt-get and then removing linux-image-generic-lts-xenial, then rebuilding the ltsp-update-image
You can check which kernel you are on by doing uname -r ; hopefully this can help anyone with a similar problem in the future (specific error messages I was seeing on the clients were things like "Watchdog hard locked up CPU 1")
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That's pretty thoughtful of Dave
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Hi alkisg, some test results are available on
These confirm the same behaviour from the test script you devised, and show the 64 bit install is not affected on the same h/w
You may wish to suggest the owners of those other installations you mentioned confirm on the same bug report
Meantime, I wonder if can be updated to 16.04? Can one set up a combination of chrooted 32 bit image on a 64 bit server _and_ a proxy PHCP server using the one I have on my router?
v4169sgr: ty, I saw the results, and I've been running the tests on the 1 of the systems where I have access. I asked the other one to give me access, and the third one was you...
I'll see if I can find some RAM and test with 16 GB RAM locally, so that I could do a kernel bisect
DHCP isn't related to how many chroots you have
You can have DHCP options or pxelinux options or PXE menus to select between chroots, and have as many chroots as you like
19:38* alkisg waves good night for now...
Thank you - good night to you too :)
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