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Channel log from 14 June 2013   (all times are UTC)

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hi, I created a NX script for nxclient 3.5, but uses tinywm, needs to poll so its a terrible hack. Apparently nxplayer (4.x) is better, anyone tried that?
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Hi All, Would confirm that I can get to the local root prompt on a client terminal using Ctrl+Alt+F2 in order to troubleshoot a shell screen - Is there anybody who can help me get further ?
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davew : i can try
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Thank you. Shall I give you an overview ?
Have converted Thin Client system to Thick Clients via Jonathan carter document. Problem is that although there is a log in being displayed I cannot log a user in.Was advised to use Troubleshooting a Shell Screen article and change some parameters in lts.conf
This has given me a local root prompt on one of the terminals i am using whenCtrl+Alt+F2 are pressed. I imagine that commands such as Netstat can be used to establish what is going on but I am now at the extent of my knowledge
What do you think vnc786
Manchester ! I was born in Blackley
try this ssh <username>@server on terminal i assuming i have logged in via root in terminal
keep @server word as it is
root prompt appeared without any login
davew: now type any user name and append @server eg: john@server
OK - I am using a user called1756. Have entered this and been prompted for a password which it appears to have taken and I have a $ prompt
Gives me some other info such as date last logged in
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when you are trying to via GUI what issue you are facing ??
If I entered for example the same username and password that I have just used using the white graphical screen typically it displays a black screen with text on it and then returns to the graphical screen and requests a username again - I have just repeated this
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check permission on tmp on server what it is ? is should be drwxrwxrwt 12 root root 4096 Jun 14 18:17 tmp/
tmp has read and write for Owner - Group and - Other which is the same as you wrote
Hang on how about Execute let me check
Whats the quickest way of getting this info from the terminal ?
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Confirm tmp is drwxrwxrwt
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Any THoughts vnc786 ?
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what are the secondary groups of user 1756
1756 is a member of primary group students he has no secondary groups
When I initially talked to Alkisg he mentioned something about a Unity issue I think.
what are s log says in users home dir
i mean sys logs
opps sorry /home/user/.xsession-errors
Will have a look !
also try lxde if you think you are having issue with unity
apt-get install lxde in chroot
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sorry vnc786 I have not got that .xsession-errors file for the user, can you clarify ?
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do you have /home/anyusername dir
on server
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No nothing general like that. Just a folder for each user.
No just a folder for each user
can u create a new user and check
I use webmin to create user accounts for the users
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I have created user 6789 and have folder for 6789 in /home. I have tried logging in to this account via terminal and can't as before.
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This is via white edubuntu screen.
<alkisg> can you enlighten us. I have the root prompt set up as you originally suggested. What can I now do to find my problem ?
davew: remind me, are you able to login with one user but not with another?
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Hi, I have some test users of the system who seem to be able to log in via the graphical interface but the bulk of them cannot log in. Basically the white screen is replaced by a black screen for a few seconds and then this is foillowed by a request for the username again.
I have access via Ctr+Alt+F2 to the root prompt on a users terminal if that helps
run this on the server: sudo adduser user123
Specify a password: 1234, and then try to login with that user and pass
I would add that the Test user I creted a year or so ago has a shell of /bin/bash. The others such as 1756 has a shell of /bin/sh. This info comes from webmin which I use to create my users.
Ping me when you have the answer about if user123 can log in or not :)
Have created the user and password. Can log in via Edubuntu white screen
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OK. Now run: `id user123`, and `id 1756`, and `getent passwd 1756`
On the server, put the results to pastebin
Btw many people in ubuntu/debian land hate webmin because it doesn't get along with debian policy...
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pastebin ref is DWAsrvp0
davew: what's the output of grep ^1756 /etc/passwd ? Put it here, it's just a line...
Also, it's recommented in debian/ubuntu for users to have their own private group, not all of them should be "students"
Finally, the output of: ls -ld /home/1756
pastebin ref is N8pz27fx
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And the output of the grep command above? ^
Sorry alkisg - is there something I have missed ?
(06:15:55 μμ) alkisg: davew: what's the output of grep ^1756 /etc/passwd ? Put it here, it's just a line...
grep ^1756 /etc/passwd
1756:x:1019:1002:Junaid Akhter:/home/1756:/bin/sh
OK, now go to the client, and on SCREEN_02, do these:
ssh 1756@server
<enter pass>
echo hello > file
cat file
And mention if you had any errors
No errors
Error: "<alkisg>" is not a valid command.
OK. Let's try to change the user details a bit so that its info is more usual. Change his shell to /bin/bash, try again to login.
davew: ah, I just remembered that LDM/localapps had a bug where if the user doesn't have letters in its name, it gets confused
Try creating a user named 'u1756' from webmin
15:34 group students and all, and try to login with that one
Going back a bit.... changing the shell on 1756 did nothing --- Creating a user u1756 with a bin/bash shell is ok and allowed me to log in
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If you want, also try with: LOCAL_APPS=False in lts.conf
That bypasses the wrong localapps user handling, but it will prevent you from using localapps...
So what can I do about the users I have got ?
So since I didnt have this issue when I was working with thin clients what do you think has happened ?
The LDM/localapps bug
You can either change their usernames, or fix the bug, or put LTSP_FATCLIENT=False and LOCAL_APPS=False and keep using them as thins...
With 30 users I have no performance so I have to go to thick clients - how is the bug fixed ?
Some developer with bash knowledge needs to look at the localapps script and update it
OK I will change the users - so I have to make sure that there is at least 1letter in the username ?
Yup. You can check with `getent passwd username`, if that works then you're OK
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That's why getent passwd 1756 above didn't return any results at all
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(that's the cause of the localapps bug)
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Thanks alksig and vnc786 if you are still listening Much appreciated
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20:26* Lns waves to all
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