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Channel log from 18 October 2016   (all times are UTC)

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alkisg, hey good morning. :-)
Would you like to help me debug why USB sticks aren't working with LTSP on 16.04?
I'm not sure where to look why it's not working. The client's dmesg looks normal, where do I look next?
I see ltspfsd running on the client as well
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Hyperbyte: thin or fat clients?
alkisg, thin
Hyperbyte: output of sudo ltsp-info?
(on the server)
alkisg, ^
Should I install ltspfs?
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my ltsp fat clients have the wrong timezone. How do I set that on the server since they need admin privs to change it themselves.
I found this on launchpad but there does not seem to be a solution
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JuJuBee: they don't have the server's timezone?
||cw, correct
Server set to America/New_York and clients are eTC/UTC
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Hyperbyte: yup, install ltspfs on the server
JuJuBee: see TIMEZONE in the lts.conf manpage, or just copy /etc/timezone from the server to the chroot and run ltsp-update-image
lts.conf: (#1), or (#2) lts.conf manpage is available in the ltsp-docs package
alkis_web, I set TIMEZONE in lts.conf and rebuilding image now
JuJuBee: you don't need to rebuild the image for lts.conf changes
Either lts.conf, OR chroot etc/timezone+rebuild image
alkis_web, Ah, I had it backwards
That did the trick.
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Hyperbyte: What is the best way to keep everything ldap? Where do I configure that? nsswitch is now set to LDAP first (was compat LDAP )
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bennabiy, now make sure all your relevant users and groups are in LDAP
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