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Channel log from 21 January 2016   (all times are UTC)

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Hyperbyt1: oh noes! What's wrong with your "e" today?!
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I'm ghosting I think
Or my IRC client is connected twice
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hallo! Is this chat supposed to post a question for ltsp or should I better user a forum?
You are in good hands, here
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Thanks! Unfortunately right now, I am the only one to administer our ltsp-server, and didn't set it up so I just have an idea of how it works and some basic knowledge.
All I want for now, is to install an application for every user. It's an java app, so all I have to do is to put the folder to a place where everybody can start the script-file. Afterwards I would like to put a .desktop entry and add it to the auto start programs. Everything I tried didn't work, because the files disappeard afterwards.
Where should I put ot or, how can I found out where to put it? In the ltsp-server or the chroot image? There is a "rofs"-folder, could this be the place?
I know that some folders are handed through from ltsp to chroot
we are running ubuntu 12.04 with cinnamon desktop
I am grateful for any hint
I put it to /usr/local/bin/ in the ltsp-server, and can reach it from client, but it won't start
and any tips about the .desktop files and autostart thing? I read through a lot of documentation, but our implementation seems to be different
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ltsp-pnp? according to the wiki you should re-create the squashfs-image after adding software to the server
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thanks for the help!
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Guest89884: if you have an /opt/ltsp/i386 folder, then you're using a chroot. Are you using a chroot?
Also, if you have the /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/xsessions folder, it means you're using fat clients.
So in order for us to tell you where to put the .desktop file etc, we need to know if you're using a chroot (or ltsp-pnp), and thin (or fat) clients
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ok, than it's fat-clients with chroot
great, in my further research I just thought about to ask how to find this out ^^
well I knew about fat-clients, but not about the implementation
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second question after where to put .desktop-file is, do I have to rebuild the chroot after doing so?
Guest89884: so, you have to put the .desktop file to /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/xdg/autostart if you want it automatically started on login
Also, when joining IRC, it's best to come up with a nickname, so that we recognize you in the future and continue from the last chat
So, type /nick your-nick-name
Select something rare that isn't registered by others
ok, thank you so much!
do I have to rebuild than?
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I.e. you need to recompress the chroot with ltsp-update-image, not rebuild it with ltsp-build-client
but could I use rebuild, too?
my friend make a script which I usually use
If you rebuild, then /opt/ltsp/i386 is regenerated, so your /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/xdg/autostart changes are lost
It doesn't make sense to rebuild
If you want to make things easier for you, and depending on your use case, you might want to take at look at ltsp-pnp:
ltsp-pnp: ltsp-pnp is an alternative (upstream) method to maintain LTSP installations for thin and fat clients that doesn't involve chroots:
Then you don't have to get used to ltsp chroots as you won't be using one
ok thanks for the hint
I tink for now I have to rebuild, now I understand why my changes always disappear
and where to put when I want to rebuild?
I didn't understand what you're asking, could you rephrase it or explain it more?
uhm I never used the ltsp-commands by myself. but the way my friend installed it, there is a script that always rebuilds the image (and makes a backup copy and a developing surrounding)
so that's why my .desktop-files got lost all the time, as I understand now
and where can I put them, so that the rebuild process includes them?
How can we know what the script does and where to put them?
It's a custom script, we can't guess what your friend did there
Normally, ltsp-build-client regenerates everything, so you can't add things automatically after that
and regenerates out of what? I thought that I have to put my files there. do I make sense?
From the internet
ltsp-build-client gets the configuration from a small file at /etc/ltsp/ltsp-build-client.conf, and the packages from the internet
It doesn't get any other local files that you may have somewhere in your disk.
If it does, it's a local script that only you and your friend know about, no other ltsp users do that
ok, thank you, you are really helping me in understanding. I'll have a look at the script once again
ltsp-build-client should only be run once, to build the image
ltsp-update-image is run after you've made changes to the image
jeremaier: it's possible that your friend didn't understand ltsp well, so you'll be learning the *wrong* way to do things
So it might be better to start from scratch, then follow his instructions
If you describe your use case, we might be able to help there
*than, not then
you're probably right - well I think his mistake was first of all to say 'rebuild' but meaning 'recompress' because in the script he uses 'ltsp-update-image'
you helped me a lot, I will try this again
you could also paste the script somewhere ...
pastebin: the LTSP pastebin is at Please paste all text longer than a line or two to the pastebin, as it helps to reduce traffic in the channel. Don't forget to paste the URL of the text here.
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oh that's so kind! I think I should try what you told me, first, before wasting your time
But one last question before my next attempt: the application is a java app started through a script ( no need to install). where would you place the app folder, also in /opt/ltsp/i386/ - and then which subfolder? Every user should autostart it.
Are the files there read-only, or the users also need write access there?
have to admit that I am not sure about that
Try it without ltsp, put it somewhere where you don't have write access and run it
Or check the file dates there to see if they were recently written to
ah ok, will do that. I guess read-only, as I know it stores user-settings into homes
no I checked date, probably no changes made by my usage
so it's read-only!
You could put it anywhere you want then, e.g. /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/<program>, or /opt/ltsp/i386/opt/<program>... it's not related to ltsp, you can read the file system hierarchy standard for more details
I will try that now
ok alkisg, thank you very, very much! I really lost at least 1,5 days by trying on my own until now... really frustrating when you know it's just a small that thing that you don't know.
I owe you a beer or any beverage you like, I would say!
if alkisg cashed in on all the promised beers in a short time, i don't know if alkisg would survive
Hahaha..! hic!
hehehe ;)
alkisg would have a nice swimming pool
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well I'll put some of every kind, seems to be the best solution
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Hey, I got it!! Thanks a lot once again! really, for this small thing now it was two days all together
I will sponsor a beer buffet
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